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S is for Seriousness

Folks, todays topic is about being serious….

Have you stopped to pay attention to what that actually means, Im sorry am not able to come up with a universal explanation to hit the correct pockets of people whom are in search of “being serious” about anything for this matter ( i usually pull through seamlessly )

So am just gonna have a basic surface view of this thing called “Seriousness”

Its things we do out of our will which we aren’t accustom to…

Think of all the goals and “should dos” that you have not been doing…. just apply some seriousness in it and you`ll be tad much closer to have it in you… Seriousness that is

anything else you guys wanna add ???

1 for being serious….


Where do i stand in you ?

Most of the time we try so hard to impress a buddy colleague friend and even a family member… ..its genuine BUT… they don’t give 2 fucks LOL



So what do you do …. maintain what you have been doing all this while to seek their approval or drop the baton….   /drop


after all at the end of the day its what we want in life – not what they want from us in their life now is it ????



1 for the word “effort”  for being effortlessly hard…..

Whacky WeQuest

I was on my way to a surprise birthday party that we pulled on a newly friend that i know of. But out of the blues i had this mad idea to post on my blog…

Its called a Wequest which is an amalgamation of Quest, request and you /me (we). So its more like you guys are the quest givers and i will evaluate it and do it. The evaluations is pretty simple , for not its must not be against the local laws or insult any parties (ie break hearts or something la)

So to get the ball rolling the first wacky wequest is actually suggested my me 🙂

To snap a nude shot of myself at the a public toilet……… my work place  !!!(or you guys can wequest elsewhere ;p

Now the evaluation for this is just simple 50 comments…and 1 person cannot comment more than 3 times…IF the comments hit 50 or more i will do it and post a picture of me there with of course my private parts censored !!!!! and if it does`t too bad la. BTW this request will have a deadline till end of this month la 🙂

Now what you say ????

Are you working your life away??

I usually park Pongo at the basement, its pretty hard to get a spot where more than 1000 people are working in the same building but i always make a point to get mine.

However that’s not the point today…the thing is i always notice a car at the basement, this car – i call him Taio , always has a SPOT @.@. Taio’s a black Altis ;factory rimmed with the wipers always lift so the wipers last long. I always envy Taio, and so does Pongo but We do get our parking spot.

Taio’s owner is always there before I get to work  that is 9am and whenever I am leaving I will always notice Taio parked at the same spot . And there are even days when i leave to home late like 7ish ; But Taio is STILL there…what on earth is the owner doing, He works so hard it scares me as am not that hard working.

There are also other questions that rose with this…I mean is he married , or does he have that much work till he`s like stuck at the office so long…only god know ..AND soon me !!!..cause am gonna go and ask the owner. Over here i would like to stress.. DONT work to much — pay attention to your Social Files also – you`ll never know what you`ll be missing when it`s gone. Keep these files with lots of activities and not blank !!!!

The reason for all this voyeurism  is because i actually talk to Pongo 😀

like for instance..when a big car / sports car over takes us, I`ll console him and say “Don’t worry Pongo be patient we over take them “later” ”

or when I send him for a car wash – Ill be like “See you all clean and shiny now”

and we lock the doors – as Bryan me , Mogg and Pongo are afraid of the Flying Bapukss. ..LOL

whenever we see Taio, we be like  ” DAMN him again 1!!!! , nvm we look for other place”

1 for Pongo ; he takes me places.

Men and House work !!! NOOoooo000 ???

My sis-law was down with a flu so me and my bro (her husband) volunteered to clean up on her behalf; we managed to clean up the house and it was a breeze, I mean we have been working our asses since we were kids. So cleaning a house is seriously nothing. Let me put it this was, nearly everyday when Im done with work I`ll be like ” Huh finish d ar.. ? Ok i think ill go lepak / ronda ronda around town 😛 ”

In conjunction with that i managed to fix me self a drink and a fusionitic breakfast.

  1. (Ribena + Honey + Lemon ) Ice Blended = HoRiMON ( Ho-rai-mon)
  2. Bed of Roti 4segi & Potato Chips on softboiled eggs + Caramelized onion garlic with Chicken and mushroom YAHHHHHHh BAK KUA !!!!!!

The was really really good, i had my lab rats to try it out and he was honestly not surprised ; cuz he know`s his bro can do it wan. LOL

1 for homemade food…..soo nice 😀

Sharing is caring

Recently I came a cross with a few people that decline to share simple things in life. I was like weerrtt !!!

Sasi : hey how did you fix that ?

Mr.A : Cant tell you, business secret !


I was completely baffled out, and he`s Indian. FFS why would you wanna not help a brother out 😦 And then it struck me, maybe he thinks I am just a notch away from him what he knows, or maybe he already knows I am a notch away from him. I really don’t know- but its cool because thats not the  way I roll. Even when it comes to my friends, I am always proactive in sharing out information to grow together, cause thats what we are, we help out each other!!!!

Heres another scenario.


Those who play this game knows that Penang players are Waaaaaay better than any other players in Malaysia; its a known FACT ! but why? you ask me.

Heres the beef….

When you play Foosball in Penang, the community is very small which means you keep playing with the same group of people – and there is no way you can keep pulling the same tricks on the same guy. Furthermore we Penangites share and pin point each and every other players mistakes. But in KL, when they know a players weakness they feed upon it, they never want to share or correct that players mistakes- in return; they may pawn locally – but when the come to us……its a different ball game completely.

So all I wanna “share” today is dont let people make mistakes – if you feel that he/she can improve themselves..let them know. and if they ask ….share some – you wont lose anything but get good karma. Think about it ~


Here`s my Super Hero when i was a Child – check out his Costume Yooo !!!


1 for Peer to Peer 🙂  (hey its sharing also)

What 2007 was to me ??


When 2007 started, I was really depressed and its because I live on other peoples approvals. All I wanted was just a great New Year party- my now EX-girl – yearned an “I love you” from me – I gave it to her- just hoping for karma to pay me back in a different way.

I sat there completely sober at a BBQ at Moggs place – waved goodbye to Bingo as he left to another party- Some chick….


I was completely unhappy with myself – on how i looked on how i spoke and on how i behaved- on the whole on who I was….no one. I was working as a business developer in a Sdn Bhd company which promoted me from a normal technician.

Then things took a change – I met an old Penang friend John, and he explained that I could instead apply a job at EDS . and s I did, and things got even worst, I had to call off my relationship, it was more like and agreement; besides we were on an open relationship. But for a moment of time I was able to play WoW(World of Warcraft) in peace with no disturbance, previously my fucking roommates will annoy the shit out of me. The would unplug of the cables disconnect the internet and say not to use the internet in the middle of the night and piss the shit out of me 🙂 i was cool none the less .


I went for the interview and it looked nice, they gave me an assurance that I will get an answer in 2 days. –

News came in and i got the job – I immediately quit my job and left to Penang till I was called to work on 15th of May and things started to get better. I wasn’t deprived of cash, bought whatever I wish when i was broke. Saved some money to buy a car 🙂

During my initial working period there, I was completely pleased with my self and started treating my self instead of others- instead of living on other peoples approvals (atleast not to “over”) I lived for me.


Dropped down for a mates Birthday and used up some leaves 🙂 It was worth it

December –

Which was just last month, where most of you didnt know that i was on a 2 week holiday in Penang- It was seriously one of my best breaks ever, and i actually said to myself that i cant wait to get back to work – LOL

And the answer to all of your doubts..

YES YES YES – 2007 was an AWESOME year..amen

1 for all my pals

Dont Thrust trust

The Gathering

When you work in a Multi National Company, you come across a lot of “wannabes” – and HEAPS of politics… ;/ i hate em…. But none the less you get to have well functioning counterparts who know what they are doing… lets face it none of us wants to work in a Government office. ( Maybe Mogg)

When I was eating lunch today with my regulat partner. Out of a sudden  she popped a question….. “How can you trust a person?? ” –

It then hit me, who do I trust.. ?

I began counting in my mind while she went on chatting.. she was a crescendo to me now in the background. I managed to get a few then i made a check out of those people that I counted out – how many of them Trust me back..?? I was doubtful 😦

Annnnyywaysss… I told her you cant simply trust anyone you feel like trusting – you need to give time and only time can tell you who you can trust.. I said that because I trusted and put Faith in lots of people you see…just so that I get the same treatment back in return… 🙂

FYI = Its doesn’t work that way

After done eating I asked her..”Why?? You think your Boyfriend is cheating behind your back or sumthing ? ” She immediately replied ” Oh no No its someone else” I had a feeling she was referring to me, but I just kept quite and didn’t want the convo to flow any further… ( Give me the perception that its me at least ) since I cant think of others that have “any” in me 🙂 faith that is..

Boys and girl….. dont think if your kind to someone you be blessed with kindness in return.

The lamest excuse Ive ever heard is ” You have to be CRUEL to be kind ”

Listen to Tyrone Wells – Sea Breeze

1 for “No more chance” Cards in my life….. I want em all BACK … got none to give away 😦