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S is for Seriousness

Folks, todays topic is about being serious….

Have you stopped to pay attention to what that actually means, Im sorry am not able to come up with a universal explanation to hit the correct pockets of people whom are in search of “being serious” about anything for this matter ( i usually pull through seamlessly )

So am just gonna have a basic surface view of this thing called “Seriousness”

Its things we do out of our will which we aren’t accustom to…

Think of all the goals and “should dos” that you have not been doing…. just apply some seriousness in it and you`ll be tad much closer to have it in you… Seriousness that is

anything else you guys wanna add ???

1 for being serious….


Series of what we wish to share


Im having a 10 part series of things i wish to share with my deepest honestly, let me address myself- I will be brutally honest but NOT gonna got in to spefics. So you may ask me questions regarding any1 of these but it depends if i will answer or not. 🙂


1. Losing in to winning my happyness

I choose to give up or lose most of the time to make sure my happyness* is retained 🙂





1 for the EDS night free flowers..LOLers

New Addition :)

I am set and ready,

there has been a few stuffs I am attending and this blog gotta get some pictures loaded in em 🙂 My bro bought a great camera and I took the intiative to test it for him. Finally my blog wont look so boring with the pictures which is derive from the net. To begin this visual oddesey , I would like to introduce to all of you ……..

GOOF……..or also known as GOOFY 🙂  he`s the new addtion to my family 🙂


 We found him here in Kajang outside a shoplot at the streets, I was already in plans to get a puppy and Goof came along.  and I was skeptic in the beginning but when i saw his face… its was jus like PUSS of the Sherk 2..Dammiittt!!!! We drove back to Penang during the election and took him with us, was kinda worried that he might have car sickeness but fortunate enuff this fella sleeps like a log ! Made it back home to Penang and it was a suprise Pet to my sis and gave her the Honors to make him 🙂 He`s hell of a dog I tell you, extremely obiedent and  has the looks of an angle, he should be 2 months old now and is happyly lepak-ing at my parents place back in Penang .

1 for Goof !!!!!

Fast Monday

To me I used to work everyday of the week , ask pongs he used to work with me and he washes plates and cups 😀 i really appreciate it. Todays theme is work and i will talk about a bit of works I have been involved through out my life. Now these are random in no particular order 🙂 this is a series 😀

Khairy Roger

You all know they sell what and yes i worked there  , I was the assistant roaste. I was 16 when i opted the job to my dads shop as I wanted an easy way out !

Random pieces of my life……take #1

Ok this is a marination canister ,as they Master Roastrer pointed at a “Tong”. He went to say that all the chickens are left in here over night. One glance and the water smelt ok but looks like water color cup water (you know how your cup of clear water turns color when u dip ur paint brush in  ?? ya like that ).  ANd all this took place in a very COLD fridge which can fit in with 2 Kancils. Its really freezing like hell  and they require  you to dip ya hands almost up to ya shoulders to get the birds out and to the skewers. By the time your done with 10 birds ur balls are “OUT” —-seriously.

We skewer the chickens and roast em and the best part was when the chickens are “broken” no wings or too kemek- we eat em ahahah . Kira reject la.

and the muffins…I replace corn niblets with peaches instead that we are suppose to use for fruit salad – when the muffins are oven baked – EVERYONE goes bonkers and asks for  a bite- the Whole restaurants suddenly smells like a French Bakery hahahahahaaa..hh. Manager came in and it was GG… Sasi you don’t have to make muffins anymore !! 😛

Job was fun and all and during my time they were serving the Flaming Chicken Wing™ – I tell you the spice they use for this dish was FAWSOME… I really helped my self with all the servings after closing…so niceeeee… but the vacation soon ended.

My dad was not able to cope up with his shop and had to summon me, and i “willingly” opt to be his Indian under aged slave AGAIN  >.<

but i learned how to roast chicken and realized that its really really really easy.. ahah

1 for my Master 😀 guess who ?