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S is for Seriousness

Folks, todays topic is about being serious….

Have you stopped to pay attention to what that actually means, Im sorry am not able to come up with a universal explanation to hit the correct pockets of people whom are in search of “being serious” about anything for this matter ( i usually pull through seamlessly )

So am just gonna have a basic surface view of this thing called “Seriousness”

Its things we do out of our will which we aren’t accustom to…

Think of all the goals and “should dos” that you have not been doing…. just apply some seriousness in it and you`ll be tad much closer to have it in you… Seriousness that is

anything else you guys wanna add ???

1 for being serious….


Where do i stand in you ?

Most of the time we try so hard to impress a buddy colleague friend and even a family member… ..its genuine BUT… they don’t give 2 fucks LOL



So what do you do …. maintain what you have been doing all this while to seek their approval or drop the baton….   /drop


after all at the end of the day its what we want in life – not what they want from us in their life now is it ????



1 for the word “effort”  for being effortlessly hard…..

Series of what we wish to share


Im having a 10 part series of things i wish to share with my deepest honestly, let me address myself- I will be brutally honest but NOT gonna got in to spefics. So you may ask me questions regarding any1 of these but it depends if i will answer or not. 🙂


1. Losing in to winning my happyness

I choose to give up or lose most of the time to make sure my happyness* is retained 🙂





1 for the EDS night free flowers..LOLers

Whacked wacky wequest

Apparently , I  may have been influenced by alcohol LOL at that moment …maybe…

Anyways, when we start to drink up we can see a person turn to a diffrent person completely. while others stay the same………?????

I stay the same…ive had people asking me

“Dude , dont tell me you already started it (to early)


and ill be like…..  -_____-  No .. LOL..

How will you behave when you under the influence of alcohol???


1 for Uncle Jack 🙂

You are what you project

No matter what we say or do – at the end of the day we are what we project within ourselves…

I mean you can pose in as a rude dude but inside your actually a polite chap ..people can see that you know !.. -_-

For instance , you can go around faking that you actually like rock music , you try to create a placebo and attempt to create a character within you to like this music, maybe just because you wanna be in the “circle” ..but too bad; we humans have this thing called the 6th sense, sooner or later we gonna sniff you out.

i know i know ..what can you.. ??

wait wait..

Here`s the beef… you can make yourself be acceptable to anyone by projecting what you what them to Pressive you as..but its not as easy as you think – you can lie to everyone BUT you cant lie to yourself..what does this mean..??

Its means you can create an image and make people believe it 🙂 it wont last -but what you can actually do is project what you actually want to turn in to.. If you feel that your dads thinks that you aren’t really loving him thats what it exactly means !!! thats what your projecting man ; too bad 😛

BUT if you feel that you love him – say that to yourself and project it to him silently when your are talking to him next time.. it will build in gradually and ..your dad will be a happy man

You need to take the plunge and believe whatever you have within yourself and accept that ; if you don’t like it, change yourself slowly and work towards projecting it towards others….

Now this works on anything, if you believe you aren’t good at a certain subject lets say futsal or cooking?? ask yourself if you are.. then make yourself accept that you will be good at it and project towards what you picture yourself as…..its that simple.

You want people to like you, then project to others that your are there to be their friends and let the magic of your inner mind flourish..

I am project myself of being a true friend to my pals, and thats what i have been doing all this while, now 1 am a happy man,

have a great day and I know you already are , as 1 am project them to you……

1 for my DAD..i love him dearly. Happy fathers day appa…

Saturday or Sakeday ???

I was home and at 4am, My Mom answered my Dads mobile when I called. I could tell she was waiting , she never had enough of me ever since I left to KL to work 😦

I had the best treatment as a son could get ;I felt so lucky T.T My favourite Fish curry, Milo just the way I like it, cloths taken care off, tea..EVERYTHING !!! I had everything a son could ask for ……and more

Saturday…came :p

Started out the day with some Japanese and moved on to Thai food for dinner and then…….things took a FUNKY turn. We were all thirst out of a sudden for no reason. We had form mini crew…..

Ian, Mogg, Bryan, Dieter, Ramesh, Me, Uncle Jack, Sister Sake, and Brother Carls =)

and thats all =)

If you guys know how a submarine is served in a bar then a Sake Bomb is no diffrent – the Tequila/Vodka is instead replaced with Sake !! ( Sheeeeeeeyyyyttttt )

and a whole LOT of happiness follows….
All in all I had a WHALE of time here in Penang and finished of my trip buying some cloths for both my Mom and Sister….aaahhh live is sooo goood !!!
1 for me Mom, She’s a SUPER MOM and I LOVE YOU FOREVER !!!!

What 2007 was to me ??


When 2007 started, I was really depressed and its because I live on other peoples approvals. All I wanted was just a great New Year party- my now EX-girl – yearned an “I love you” from me – I gave it to her- just hoping for karma to pay me back in a different way.

I sat there completely sober at a BBQ at Moggs place – waved goodbye to Bingo as he left to another party- Some chick….


I was completely unhappy with myself – on how i looked on how i spoke and on how i behaved- on the whole on who I was….no one. I was working as a business developer in a Sdn Bhd company which promoted me from a normal technician.

Then things took a change – I met an old Penang friend John, and he explained that I could instead apply a job at EDS . and s I did, and things got even worst, I had to call off my relationship, it was more like and agreement; besides we were on an open relationship. But for a moment of time I was able to play WoW(World of Warcraft) in peace with no disturbance, previously my fucking roommates will annoy the shit out of me. The would unplug of the cables disconnect the internet and say not to use the internet in the middle of the night and piss the shit out of me 🙂 i was cool none the less .


I went for the interview and it looked nice, they gave me an assurance that I will get an answer in 2 days. –

News came in and i got the job – I immediately quit my job and left to Penang till I was called to work on 15th of May and things started to get better. I wasn’t deprived of cash, bought whatever I wish when i was broke. Saved some money to buy a car 🙂

During my initial working period there, I was completely pleased with my self and started treating my self instead of others- instead of living on other peoples approvals (atleast not to “over”) I lived for me.


Dropped down for a mates Birthday and used up some leaves 🙂 It was worth it

December –

Which was just last month, where most of you didnt know that i was on a 2 week holiday in Penang- It was seriously one of my best breaks ever, and i actually said to myself that i cant wait to get back to work – LOL

And the answer to all of your doubts..

YES YES YES – 2007 was an AWESOME year..amen

1 for all my pals

Still snoozing

Am just barely there for a long holiday trip back to paradise…..oh how i wish a walk in the sandy beaches wash away my unwanted feelings. I wanna PARTAY when i lok back to PEnang- and hope I get a date in the process 🙂 ekekekkeke

Grats on your new place Dan …

1 for NETCITY 🙂      482655484s.jpg

I in lappe…


With my keyboard and my mouse and also my monitar….. 🙂

Its it wasnt for them – how am i suppose to express them

Lemme give you boys and girls a few words of advice in Love – mind me this is for single peeps oni – Sorry Zooe… ekekkeke ur Double 🙂

1. try ur best to let her know you like her Duration <2 months

2. See what kinda person she is and whether she will like who you are.. WARNING – Be yourself ^.^

3. If all else fails.. dun go around talking bad about her or calling her a F-ing Bitch and Slu+ or what so ever- Respect their choice – after all; they need to bring themselves down to earth some day, dont they ?- & IF they dont ……….. well lets not go there- I`ll blog about (Spinsters/Bachelors some day soon– and why u should stay under your own league )

Till then boys and girls…give boys / girls a chance 🙂

1 for You boys and girls yay 🙂

Cheesepox, and what it means

Obviously by now all our you guys are baffled of what this word means…

before I begin there is a few more words that I would like to add ; that is

Puroks & also Pukoks.. /shy


During my teens I had a very foul mouth, that was me and it didn’t bother me at all. This is a sample of my normal conversations last time…

Me : Ok la we kena that #$@%& Char Koay Teow and that #$@$$# Road..
Friend1 : Then what the #$@% you waiting for #%$@%…..* friendly grin*
Me : @#$@% ..LA later I $@#$@ you Up really @%#^ nicely then you %%#@$ know what the hell i am talking about.
Friend1: ooh Ok ok chills
Me : ARRhhhh @#$% la ! Don’t talk much lets gogogo 😛

Untill one day…. I had someone whom I wanted to be a role model for..

Friend3 : Ehh You ar..haiyo..always [he doesn’t say them out – he gives funny expression of the way i say my bad words] every word ..haiyo.. *shakes head in disappointment *

Me : eeeerff.. hmm shh shh..Ok oK .. [embarrassed]

Ever since that day; whenever I was about to curse .. I would suppress these words and the end up blurting these words instead 😛

Puki –> Pukong —> Pukoks

Then the other word was Puroks … don’t ask me how this 1 came out – its was from the bottom of my heart – just came out like that niah ! 😛

and the infamous…Cheesepox !! This word was actually derived from Cibai.. (pardon my Hokkien) from there this is how it broke down to..

Cibai –> Cheesebye —> Cheesepox !

and there you go, thats how I ended up with these words. Its not like I don’t curse now but am not the old fouled mouth person that I was before 🙂 So boys and gals if u wanna use these words.. you gotta pay me royalty

Happy WEEKEND !!!

1 for growing up..