Its like a Cycle of endless lessons..

NOPE. not gonna explain my din`t blog 4longtime!!

Towards the ending credits I remembered having a big group hug with my family and friends as the A-Bomb struck the mountains.. and I happily said “Goodbye” with tears of joy knowing the world… my world is ending as I wept my tears of joy !!!

NOOO, that wont happen !

I am writing today knowing that I cant hold on the urge to shut up anymore, no its not a rant !
I remembered reading a “meme” saying that you`re not searching for yourself, in fact you`r actually creating yourself. That Made so much sense, every decision I`ve made thus far was an active selection on my own will . It was natural, I am responsible to my behaviors ! period !

What have you made of yourself till this day , can you look at yourself in the mirror and digest “you” ??

Today I`ve learned the meaning of time and time wait for no man and has no price tag to it… how could i ever chase it

Why you ask,. Over the course of learning to understand how people function I have bumped in to a lot of dark secrets.. of others. I assumed I knew them – but my predictions of their “secrets ” is  rendered NULL !!!!!! Its a @%%$ “wildcard” !! This changes everything !!!

Dont even get me started with people letting you into their lives… ! Obviously their 6th sense is just a “randomly” triggered skill which raises the flag every time. Like server alerts which over heats by 0.007 C ( even that is quantitative )

Keeping to my own is just too mainstream, at times am totally turned off by people who do not challenge or even think of defying the normal lives we all run.

If you`re reading this today.. go against something today.. just be sure to follow humane rules..all others rules are optional…even religion.


1 for revision… i need to learn from these lessons again !


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