Child indoctrination

Ok i tried looking for  a random angst googled picture to put here and ANGST just got angst … thats all right

there`s is so much anger going around these days .. within us, but why..let me try to dismantle your head and figure out a solution.. please leave me alone if it doesnt work.. you`ll know what i mean by the end of this post about leaving me alone 🙂


We all function on a simple rule since we were kids…child indoctrination its called whereby our parents the sole survival of our attitude and aptitude towards LIFE !!!

what does that mean… ??


Its means we`ve developed a habit of what we like , dislike, distaste , hate and believe (religiously) It means we were given no choice to choose… more like a forced fed duck

Child indoctrination isn’t  a big deal, provided your parents aren’t a bunch of fanatic on any case.. let it be on ” how they want their eggs” to (insert religion here) way of life.

You see from the day you were born right up to today… your very idea and thoughts were once controlled by your PARENTS !!!!  ahahah

But these days with so much of media and internet influence we tend to grow out of our selves and begin to see things on our own perspective…

The whole point of this is to say …. when you see someone misbehaving and you come to say ” Thats rather sad, i know their parents and they are very nice”..

well news to you pal… they sucked in parenting, period

1 for my ramblings… gosh i need to kick-start my brain !!!


2 comments so far

  1. sangkeertanan on

    Didn’t we talked about this? Lol

  2. eerf on

    No… its a whole different me it`s interesting…very !!

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