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Random act of (anything)

Have you wanted to break free and just do whatever you feel like doin. Now to reverse the roles here; I want you guys to look at things from a completely dark point of view.

Take for instance my step dad(I wish); Darth Vader . He was not bad at all he was just following his drug ( the dark side la) apparently you gain instant orgasm upon embracing it.. But he was a genuine baddie or was he ??? You see he just simply killed idiots at will for their stupidity. I don’t know; having the power to create random people to combust at will sounds evil…. Ahhaha but funny if it s a movie tho 😛

What am really attempting to deliver here It to stop catering to your evil deeds and actually turn on you fucking rational thinking. Like what Gandhi did… I mean this of peaceful thought and not bad stuffs.. Make love not war..


1 for my mentor.