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Alone time

Have you ever been alone? Whereby there is no point of human contact or in some cases pets around you. You are just stuck there with yourself and your mind, thats when it becomes a playground! You need not be idle but open yourself to explore your inner thoughts on how you exactly feel about the current context thats within the sea of your thoughts . For instance do you really know what you really like to eat or your actual favourite colour? No one likes to be alone, they’d always wanna be associated with something or someone. But being alone helps in ways you’l never imagine possible it opens up the unexplored side of ‘you’ ! Don’t be afraid to know that your not that awesome, that your not that brave …that your not that innocent. It’s dark alley right behind your head that you should visit at times. Its more like a status check on your head of what really is on your mind that very moment. Most succesful folks h’ve come across made it big in life and attitude constrain by have alone time to reflect their current state of well being. In short give sometime alone and see how far the rabbit hole in you heads goes. Turn off your radio, dress down, get something to eat and switch off your cell and computer. Sit down anywhere comfortable and start asking questions you wants answers to. Unshackle that rational thinkin you have just tad bit and think for yourself just this once…and you’l know that maybe it’s about time you took care of yourself. My best friend passed away recently i wish i could have one more chat and a big hug from him. But he’s at a better place now. He was my dad. None for this empty feeling i have now. I miss you dad.