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It’s an odd topic to speak of but this subject would have triggered you to think of where we live in .. Malaysia… as in Malay Chinese and Indian…. but no…. the color on this subject is derived from the context of “True Color”

It’s often a wide spread lie when some 1 gives you a hand shake (firm one) and say “nice to meet you”.

They give you this poised look and a confident posture – more so like a basalt monolith ….

But are they really what they seem to be .. ? what is this intriguing feeling you have which tells you that this person might be of some sort something else….. are they ugly….are they mean… or are they just simply ashamed of themselves or maybe too proud – you`d say… ?

What is this guard they have in front of them that disallows you to peek through their “real” selves and how can i see through it ???

Well i saw things which i wished for when i was a lil kid… remember the saying “Never wish for something you don’t want to cuz it might just come true” ya i had that moment sometime this year.

To my surprise, some people really showed me what it feels like to be a best friend, a good liar, master of deception, selfish, self-centered, humble and a creep.

All these “tag” are people that i know of but the best mind fuck i got was while i was home; it made me wanna leave my job here in KL and return to that Euphoria. In case you are confused that “mind fuck” made me realise so much things and it was good one. [ not all mind fucks are meant to be bad]

1 for colors;  for i saw a few beautiful ones….