S is for Seriousness

Folks, todays topic is about being serious….

Have you stopped to pay attention to what that actually means, Im sorry am not able to come up with a universal explanation to hit the correct pockets of people whom are in search of “being serious” about anything for this matter ( i usually pull through seamlessly )

So am just gonna have a basic surface view of this thing called “Seriousness”

Its things we do out of our will which we aren’t accustom to…

Think of all the goals and “should dos” that you have not been doing…. just apply some seriousness in it and you`ll be tad much closer to have it in you… Seriousness that is

anything else you guys wanna add ???

1 for being serious….


4 comments so far

  1. sangkeertanan on

    yah , s is for a whole lot of other things..^^ approach it from a positive manner, hehehehe

  2. mh on

    hey there – just to let you know i am closing my blog up. if u still want to pop by, will need your e-mail addie to add you to the “privileged” list…drop it off at mhlim78@gmail.com. Cheers!

  3. Skot on

    Hello Sas..how have you been? sorry be low for some time..did some “overhaul” of myself.. 🙂

    we as for being serious..no point being serious all the time..you just need to be serious on whats important..as in your future..

    anyways..i would like to share this with ya..

    “God sometimes does try to the uttermost those whom He wishes to bless.”

    thats my life motto now and it has worked wonders for me..maybe it can guide you too 🙂

  4. eerf on

    Wahhh long lost fan from the hood, wassssssuuuuppp !!!

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