Lets call it, my “problems”

Did you know to be completely honest no 1 gives a damn about your problems…they have their own.

I know i can sense a lot of nodding even now, i hate to break it to you kid but seriously the “bark elsewhere” phase kept playing in the loop at the back of mehead…

WOooo WWoooooffff……. !!

1 for “i dun give a shit” cards, i have enuff of them


2 comments so far

  1. sangkeertanan on

    yeah 1 for the card..
    *does dis means d endin off goss era…arghhhhhh!!*

  2. Skot on

    yo man..been a long time..

    Well bro..its the Lone Ranger era now..

    1 for the Rangers 🙂

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