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Lets call it, my “problems”

Did you know to be completely honest no 1 gives a damn about your problems…they have their own.

I know i can sense a lot of nodding even now, i hate to break it to you kid but seriously the “bark elsewhere” phase kept playing in the loop at the back of mehead…

WOooo WWoooooffff……. !!

1 for “i dun give a shit” cards, i have enuff of them


Draft you say ?

All said and done, I think some people are as sour as sour can be, geez talk about grudges..

Anyways..its that time of the year again, i never knew`d that the cycle of life would actually hit me at this rate.

Im am now busy drafting .. maybe i`ll see you guys soon 😀

1 for revamps

Why am i on the boat again ?


After fooling around for a while i come to realize that am completely lost yet again. Im lost in direction, im in lost in friendship, im in lost in my own world – i dont know who i am anymore… lost

My explanations on getting my words across with my flawless innuendos seem to fail me now – its labeled contradictions….

when i listen to myself talking it sounds fine 2 me( now that is not fine when others see it the other way around)

Its looks like the honeymoon year 2009 is ova.! as the days go by i find it difficult to fit to any1 these days.

Its as tho am slipping in to a solitary confinement like there is a sink hole within me. What…? could this be another malevolent awakening …???

Ohh this is gonna be a enjoyable & terrible ride i say (*yes its contradictive, i know, now you see what i mean ? )

I even spoke to my exgirlfriend yesterday –

she laid it plain “You`r just a confused chap” not shabby at all i would add – but wherelese would you go to understand yourself more than your ex- significant other?

Let see if she helps

1 for Karma recoils they are oh so inevitable

*the whole writeup is a mess

*these words are gonna come bitting my arse, thats fer sure alright ;/