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My dad my HERO

I believe my journey has thought me lots of things, and i feel its almost about time for it to come to a full circle….

As i am writting this, i cant but contain the feelings that is seeping through me right now.
On how am i going to repair and rebuilt what was tarnished…my image.. do i even have one there… hahah makes me wonder !!!

The journey has thought me tht there is GOD…..

God i am ready ……..

I knew it was the day when I saw my dad taking a afternoon nap…. I`ve never seen him that exhausted…

I knew it was the day when my dad was sleeping the entire day…

I knew it was the day when i finally could beat him in arm wrestling….

I love you dad…..i really do

1 for the MAN that bought me to this wonderful world……my dad my hero !!!!