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Unbreak my heart


When you have been alone and suddenly some 1 comes along your sight and you feel that im gonna go for her. What would you do to make sure you get it right this time. Here`s some advise

1. get noticed, dress up ๐Ÿ™‚
2. be clean n decent, as in SHAVE.. LOL
3. Smile; just keep smiling like a moron
4. be a listener and try to make them talk. very simple just as how are they ; and para phase the same sentence and give an example

How are you ?
am OK.

Oh OK, like you need a coffee break or.. ?

keep hinting they will talk soon enough….

1 for luck, for all of us needs it ๐Ÿ˜€


Understanding folks…

is rather hard when some1 has a mental note of who you were…

No matter how you might have changed or behaved somehow people seem to seek that shitty part of you; like a heat seeking missile ahahahha

I have been shot down, yet why isnt it always the other reason ya — i wonder why.

( i need to start turning things insideout )

1 for my “we know la you.. !! always like that wan”080820-F-5957S-958

Lost to say…(but procastination sux)

I had shits to say LOL. but its lame to have an emo post as an opener after so long hahahaha…

Recently I have been hunting around a lot of things in my life.. who isnt. but most of them are just around the corner, we just need to swallow our egos; NOT too much later its reflects a weakness. I want a better looking physique, i wanna a better looking smile ( now that i have a dental card eheheh ) and i want a relationship.. well at least to pass my time.

To those out there, listen to me on this . “You can never be all too sure that some1 is not gonna take advantage of us” <— this phase is not cool at all – your in a completely different frequency. Instead change it to " I wana take advantage of him/her" THAT my friend will in turn actually give you a different perspective4514 all together and understand and think they way “they ” function…. Good luck

1 for the evil people that make us realize….