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A = Acceptance

Today we talk about “A” which is for Acceptance. Do you know the heartache we all go through not knowing or be able to know and accept others choice in life…? Its hard infact its IMPOSSIBLE.. !!! ahahah

i stand here as a man as a boy as a person who is learning to accept the truth, the choice the reality and what it has to offer. Now mind you/me the word “learning to” because as far as you`d know it there are so many things that entangle us in this melodramic life.

Now what are these things that make us not accept the truth; well i have a few…

Like my ex-girlfriend, I was really goin full force on my “relationship”, all the Hokkien they say it “Sai Lang” “Show hand”(all in like in poker) but things took a weird turn and it ended in a short but a rather very painful 4 year fluctuative love life. Why because there are just a few stuffs about her which am still not able to grasp ; i just cant nor can she…

Or for the fact that me being able to get back to some old crush; and start things all over again- well i just cant – to know that i will never be able to be in bed wit her again is just crap!!

I write today with great grief and despair knowing that i will never be able to accept what my friends, lovers, family have chosen but only to conform like a slave to the fate that lies to us all. Let us accept our lives and carve our path to success in life ; because for those who crave success they will know how its attained….

There are so many things, so take it from me ; as today it might be your word of the hour/day/week or maybe year….

Accept for what an individual chooses for he/she knows that they will bare the consequences. and all we can do is just…maybe just…tell them what is wrong and not tell them what is correct..because what may seem correct to us actually carries a huge amount of experience for us to know that -“that” something is wrong; where else they are in an oblivious world just beginning to take baby steps…

1 for for the tough part in life..