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Converging; with innocence (or is it just a disguise for being evil)

Recently i was at this place where people were sharing ONLY good thought of each other…

They were only saying good things about you and all they gave me back “What do you think of me? ” look…..oblivously.

Like i ONLY have nice things to say, well it gets rather complicated; the conversation is not really stereotypical; there was no balance between good and evil.. as in good and badass comments. I wanna be like a lil kid, you know act and behave “present” and voice out whatever that is genuine.

while i was there I felt sick to my stomach… it was pretentious .Is this what they do at churches or anywhere similar… ???

I know i said churches but i cant think of anything more relevant at this point of time…but no offense to you guys goin to churches alright..

Do you guys feel me ??