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Brains, keep it trained :P

me to my Girl via SMS

“i cant think of any brilliant words to say today. Guess i love you does the trick”

after sending it i realized something; i was sleepy and instead of searching for her number i just typed it and sent the sms…….
you see my girl used to have a number which was similar to my older Mobile number and i always get confused to
the digits……. like EVERY TIME 😛


just as i was about to slip in slumber then it struck me … was it 336 or was it 366 … ??

OMG its 336 !!!!!!1

i realized that i had sent it to a WRONG number 😛

The first thought on my head was – what if this sms was sent to a lonely person who is in dying need of love..

I felt really bad.. 😦

Initially , i wanted to call that number to personally apologize but the single thought of me wanting to know the persons gender haunted me……

just i just sent another message in return ..

“Sorry wrong number. So sorry ”

and i went back to sleep.

but the reason i bought this up because last time i used to receive a lot of wrong numbered SMS-es..

There was this once a house wife sent me something between these lines..

“Yang t`lng tapau Toseh atau Oti Cnai. dik xnak kari, susu manis. Ok teng kiu ”

Then i replied

“Saya Xyang kamu, saya xjual apa2 service. Sori tolong naik Lori ”

Then the lady actually replied

“Jangan la yang, please….”

At this point i was dumbfounded and straight away called the old hag 😛

Me : “Ello miss pls jangan sms saya, saya bukan u punya suami. You salah nombo”

She: “Eh mana i boleh silap nombo suami I ? ”

Me : “You check 2 kali nanti you call dia balik, sorry” and i hung-up

to be honest the lady kept miss calling and smsing my number for a long time but i just had to ingnore her, besides don’t we all get this kinda crap EVERY TIME when we step into a Government Building ???

We just live by it; keeps us at the top of the game, or at least reminds us we aren’t in the bottom of it …..

1 for dumb fucks, hahahah they crack me up 😛


Let it be, let it be…..

“When i find myself in times of trouble,

Mother Mary comes to me; speaking words of wisdom

Let it be….

– The Beatles – ”

I was always the person whom took the extra precaution and step to care for others; only difference is that we all come to a points.. a point of failure- a point where we get disappointed; a point where we give up and ppl just pop up and your door step and say “Hey whats with the emo ? ”

when i revisit most of my post i come to realize that people dont really need your “guidance” or ya “advise”. They seem to function fine without you around. For all those folk i tried to intevene and help (kaypo) i bid my farewell and would like to apologize for being a nossy douchebag. Rest assure i wont cross your line of the ones alike besides, you guys seems to be OK being “helpless”. Sorry

1 for the ungrateful bastards….

Behave and get molested, else get killed THEN molested


Children, kids, toddlers, cutie pie and baby pandas 😛


And loads more names that I can figure out in this genre. Well I like kids, I think more than that I simply love and adore kids (no am not a paedophile !). Back in my teenage years I was the big bro or shall I say Baby sitter whenever there is a huge function which involves the entire family tree. Like weddings, anniversaries, engagements, house warmings (man I missed those :P) and so on and so forth.


But ever since there were reported cases of a missing kids who were being molested, sexually assaulted, tortured ; who ended up in travel bags on a pavement; who is to blame for all this!! It gets even disturbing to know that they got molested even after they are dead !!!


Ever since this news hit the stands I wasn`t peace at heart…


That girl who ended up in a travel bag wasn’t the only missing child; there we a lot more reported missing L



I can no longer wave to the kids whom I encounter randomly at a mall nor can I just give a wink to a lil baby girl like ANYWHERE.. because the parents like give u a very mean LOOK 😛  @.@ No more stopping for a while asking them “how ya doin” and waving goodbyes


I feel really sick to my stomach knowing such malevolent acts actually took place and innocent kids were murdered.


Damn that mother*U&^% that killed that kid and all the alike &&^%$#@ !!!



1 for all the lil prince and princesses of the world, LOL


(how la my life ever gonna be the same : P – I missed all those pep talks I have wit random lil “monsters” )

Edit : wait i just realized, while i was in Singapore there were a lot of kid around LOL. all merrylu moving about their own business traveling alone and all in MRTs and Buses. It really was a peaceful place come to think of it. but yea i Love Malaysia just to much 😀