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How can you feel “right” ?

Have you ever wondered why people are just simply sour or happy ? Or how they always always always can put a smile and be all non chalant no matter what they are going through ??

Some people call it :

being patient

he`s cool


and all sorts of nonsense. but the actual fact is ; that is how we all function. No matter how things work, we “seem” to be working accordingly to it. Some seem to sync and other sink ahahah ever wondered why…? Its what i call natural affinity ! Some are meant to do it and other just aren’t -its that simple. Now where am i going with all this .. ? well its how we all can feel “right”

I believe we all can feel right just by following our natural guts, which mean we need to leave “ego” at the doorstep and come a clean YOU.

“but how ? ” you ask, well its pretty simple, all human beings are made with a built in GPS system for “gut feelings” just follow that ! and  if you`r telling me that`s not installed then that’s bullshit in my opinion= AHAHHA !

so fuel your passion and follow your gut instinct it`ll never fail you..good luck

here`s a hint why this post serves both good and eeewwilll ~~~!!

because Adolf Hitler followed  his gut feelings ….


Its called grammar…LOL

Am not so sure on where to start but here goes…….they are amusing i tell you lol.


Dont you guys just hate it when you come across blogs that have WAAAYYY too many grammatical errors.. i mean spelling errors are NOTHING compared to

” i just love whatever shit created by Timbaland..


i was wondering is she suffering from menopause.. can’t she has a higher EQ


Sasi :THis one is really clasic..*muax* HAHAhahah

another major downside is.. when user is behaving like a menopause..


i was dumbfcuked..

Sasi : you were weertt ? HAHAHahahhaha


i jst had a terrible row with my papa.. i feel so shit after seeing him lookin so depressed..

Sasi “* Notice the word “row” used.. ahhahaha and to “shit” up the sentences later haha

(pun intended on my grammar)


there is actually a lot more nasty ones from where that came from.


I know…. i know….. its all mean an all – but they proclaim to be reading books weii… i mean big FAT books….. if some bloke can read up like 12 books in 1 year ; I can bet you my damn ***** they`ll do better than this …

Some day i  might just comment on that blog and all others and suggest to either start writting in their own mother tongue and get some sort of  ..”i dont know ”  translator.. or sumthing… 😛

(p.s ; stay tuned for my first ever tamil post … LOL )

But on the other note i dont mean to be rude or all cocky. its just that  things get out of hand when you get completely BORED with work sometimes….and end up reading fcuked up posts from complete random “ah bengs and lala girls” \



ooOOoooooo man you dont wanna know , you dont wanna know ahahahahah


1 for hawt Ah Lianz and handsome Ah bengzzzz

Heads in heaven my soles on hell

Please depict of what you may think that makes me come up with theres words 😛

like always.. i am curious…..

1 for the other high which we all call friends