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Geeks Vs Inteligence

Hey guys, I would really want to have a small discussion please be best and giving out an output. Kinda simple and random la. How do you classify a geek. Most people tend to assume that geeks are smart; but are they. I think they are just knowledgeable…not smart and no where near intelligent.. hahahah You can be a geek, can i say that wanting to be a geek is actually a wanna be intelligent dude.. like those teenage rapper wannabes that cant rap for nuts ?? all this started when….

Why because i have been paying attention to a whats i can depict as a “geek”; but at the end of the day – what the person seems to be projecting is all just “sorry am too smart and intelligent for you, i don’t wanna waste my time with you.” too bad am beginning to judge people now. But honestly ; aren’t geeks  the one that just knows everything and that’s just it– how can someone label a geek an intelligent person ???


1 for that geek who showed me what missed for a long time … haha


Its almost a full circle in my life for the 4th Time.

I wrote an article about how people change in every 7 years…in short its scientifically proven than every 7 years every single cells in our body changes completely and we will actually adapt a new “us” – Its my time now – i hate to admit it – but sad to say I am taking a rational choice which am planning to keep anonmyous – its not like

“ok time for me to decide to change ”

its because everything around me is churning me to have a different sets of rules that i will be funtioning/following  to…


I am planning on a backpack trip to Redang Island and this time i MUST bring alot a good camera !! MUST MUST  MMUuhahahahahhahahah

1 for the superslow steam roller that ran over some dude in Austin Powers : Man of mystery !! LAWL


Singapura…yoo !

Its was pristine…… lol

and i was there…..not shaved…with dreads….and with shorts at Orchard !!!! 🙂

Was the best trip ive ever had overseas (ahem first trip of Malaysia) I went to the local Hard Rock Cafe and bought some stuffs there…

and the Concert was just damn nice… listening to one of your favourite bands playing Beat it – LIVE is simply AWESOME>…..

Other than that , on the way back to KL i actually missed my flight and bought another one.. major bummer Rm 200 LOLOLOLOL !!!

but honestly i had super fun la , really super fun .. thanx to my relatives there 🙂

*pics will /should be up soon..

Going to Singapore

Its not like a public announcement but yea I am going to Singapore for a Concert next week. I did ask every1 around me but no1 seemed to be interested. I can understand that most people that i know aren’t so fond of this band …


Maybe Jason Mraz yea…..

I plans are simple yet exiting; go to Singapore and lepak there alone and see the place for myself. This trip will mark a few choronicles in my life odyssey. This will be my first time to travel outside of Malaysia, which means i will be using my Passport for the first time. and going to a Rock Concert . LOL.

I will also be buying my very own Hard Rock Cafe T- with my own hard earned money :D.. not like some rich brats…

I wish for all to go well according to plan ehehehe

1 for Donnie Hathway.. for changing how we all look at music today 😀