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Where do i stand in you ?

Most of the time we try so hard to impress a buddy colleague friend and even a family member… ..its genuine BUT… they don’t give 2 fucks LOL



So what do you do …. maintain what you have been doing all this while to seek their approval or drop the baton….   /drop


after all at the end of the day its what we want in life – not what they want from us in their life now is it ????



1 for the word “effort”  for being effortlessly hard…..


WHat to buy…

AM now in a contradictive mode

should i buy the iphone3g which “might” be realease by maxis this march.. ort get the Nokia 5800 ???

What is prejudice… ??

Its a way to answer completely nude/naked with no reaction time – just answer 🙂

like for instance this is was my naked answer to a user

Good day , there is already a high severity ticket being raised for this issue; probably you are even already aware that the issue has been resolved as you are reading this. Thank you


Instead i choose to say…

Good day to you, we are already aware of this issue and a High Severity ticket has already been raised. Our technicians on site are already looking in to this issue. Incase you still require further clarifications regarding this issue please do not hessitate to call the helpdesk, you patience is much appreciated. Thank you


So the next time try to see what was the first answer that came up in your head when some1 posses you with a “can you be frank” question and you`ll know if your trying to be nice or if you are actually nice 🙂

And this is how i look like with my Dreads… mind you guys – its still not dreaded correctly because it actually takes between 6-8 weeks . Btw i was them one every 3 days 🙂


Mood 101

When u read this, what was the first thing that pooped up in ya head.

For me it was a HUGE Carls Jr Burger to start off my weekends.

But all i can actually say about them is that your guys need to keep a good control of it – i have been in situation whereby people test others patience to the max and end up paying the price for being hasty. so not worth it,

on the other hand ive have finally Dreaded my hair 🙂 for those who dont know anything about it please stay tuned here and i will explain in clean lame man terms of what it it and the myths behind it 😀

1 for Bob marley

Are you a sheep or a sheep in wolf’s clothing??


Whenever i look at any1 nowadays i always try to see what i am projecting to them; a friend; a loser; some1 to rely on-

and also wonder what the other party is projecting

….well not most of the time actually – i dont want to be labeled as a person who “labels”

My one true goal is always to project a kind and friendly person; and if i did make your day today you wont even be reading this.. now would you –


Come on gimme some welfare smile will ya – AHHHAAA… i see that smirk in you.. hehe


come and drop by often i will be blogging more often then ever 😛



P.s happy new Year ya 😀