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Got internet Now :D

Ok its been a while but i have internet again YAY

An im on my way to make me second batch of the Browines

This time MUST take hawt photos la..

1 for internet LOL


OOuuuuu Brownies..

So i finally did it, I made brownies after much influence of the cooking queen Elaine, she`s on my member Ketat Lixt 🙂


After making the brownie i took a few pictures but in on a Camera Phone and im stuck on how to upload it– hopefully can do it tonight. however i had a lot of pieces and most of em took 2nd 3rd serving and all they said was..”You think i wanna comeback again if its not nice… ? ”




That was pretty flattering from my colleagues.

I followed the recipe from – Look for Bloomin Brilliant Brownies 🙂


Good luck.. mine finished long ago LOL..


1 for elaine 🙂 The Expedited Writer on FLOG

I think both ways


Sony recalls 440,000 potential home infernos     


Not too long ago, about 9.6 million Sony laptop batteries were recalled from around the world after a couple of them (OK, maybe more than just a couple) decided to go haywire and send the laptops that they were attached to exploding into flames. 


But if you thought that was the end of all your Sony related fire problems, then you’re wrong. Just hours ago, news of another Sony recall hit the web – this time with the Sony Vaio TZ being the catalyst. Apparently, this recall announcment comes after seven people (five in Japan, one in USA, one in Italy) have being burnt by fires caused by faulty wirining in their Vaio TZ’s. Sony Malaysia’s website doesn’t have any further information regarding the recalls, so until then, it’s advisable to keep a fire extinguisher handy!



Anyways, I actually learned to think both ways from soem chap I knew last time- He always have a bitter end or shall I say an evil notation behind anything – I mean he can pull out any shit out of BAD and anything GOOD out of bad shits. Its kinda broadened my mind set and perspective

you think you can pull out anything evil from something nice

well i want to buy some1 a Sony Viao TZ 😀