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Dont wann hurt me self

I realized that reavealing more of me this way in such a random was is completely pointless.


I once learned the hard way that bringing up a student and teaching him everything and swallowing your ego and making sure that he surpasses you is pointless…. he comes back to trash you.


And then it dawned me why the old chinese Kung fu sifu`s dont teach everything to their students …


have a good one fellas… the 10 part ends at 2 😀



1 for used up faith


Series of what we wish to share


Im having a 10 part series of things i wish to share with my deepest honestly, let me address myself- I will be brutally honest but NOT gonna got in to spefics. So you may ask me questions regarding any1 of these but it depends if i will answer or not. 🙂


1. Losing in to winning my happyness

I choose to give up or lose most of the time to make sure my happyness* is retained 🙂





1 for the EDS night free flowers..LOLers

A friends in need :)

*rant alert*

I always believed that we as friends can always make a change in others, make it good or bad. I am always earger to help and i must admit my human part expects me to be helped again in return – or at least acknowledge what was done. Apprently you cant expect me to be all that and more- so some time i say this to make me self feel a bit better

You gain some and you lose some

During this learning process ive noticed that people tend to act extra nice to you actually have an agenda behind em – who isnt. I`ve never received a reply from some particular parties whom i always cheer for – probably i was making myself feel better by saying they might be busy – but to me the ones that im “busy” is the ones that i dont really need… ahhahaha

How ironic, now all the people whom i used to “use” come flashing in me, i believe im just man enough to say that Ive used friends for my own account – its just tat i am beginning to notice the other way around when Im am being used -we begin to take notice off all the fuckers that take us for granted and use us for their own benefit.

Ooh well.. wht the hell – We gain some and we lose some 😛

1 for the heart ache knowing that ur being used 😛

Whacked wacky wequest

Apparently , I  may have been influenced by alcohol LOL at that moment …maybe…

Anyways, when we start to drink up we can see a person turn to a diffrent person completely. while others stay the same………?????

I stay the same…ive had people asking me

“Dude , dont tell me you already started it (to early)


and ill be like…..  -_____-  No .. LOL..

How will you behave when you under the influence of alcohol???


1 for Uncle Jack 🙂