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Whacky WeQuest

I was on my way to a surprise birthday party that we pulled on a newly friend that i know of. But out of the blues i had this mad idea to post on my blog…

Its called a Wequest which is an amalgamation of Quest, request and you /me (we). So its more like you guys are the quest givers and i will evaluate it and do it. The evaluations is pretty simple , for not its must not be against the local laws or insult any parties (ie break hearts or something la)

So to get the ball rolling the first wacky wequest is actually suggested my me 🙂

To snap a nude shot of myself at the a public toilet……… my work place  !!!(or you guys can wequest elsewhere ;p

Now the evaluation for this is just simple 50 comments…and 1 person cannot comment more than 3 times…IF the comments hit 50 or more i will do it and post a picture of me there with of course my private parts censored !!!!! and if it does`t too bad la. BTW this request will have a deadline till end of this month la 🙂

Now what you say ????


Be good and thou shall be rewarded

Being in a office environment ; we come across many types of people. I am in the running to be elected to a completely different job scope; however i need to go through some preliminary processes. and in one of those mocks i did okay – i answered like 80% of the questions. Then one of my colleagues said, “don’t get yourself harassed when you move in there”  and i was like “Look at this way, i probably may get harassed but what i am looking forward in a few months to is them looking forward for me to come to work so that it wont be boring; meaning to say them accepting me as a legit teammate. She was amazed ; so i think  :/ on how I look at situations at my perspective


and she mentioned that am good with people and how we all function……damn !!!1 am i ??? ; in one place i am the Master of Complications in another am the whole way around …


I believed in a system of karma and have been following it ever since i know it -even against all the odd of my A.D.D .. LOL and its working wonders. It`s life all THAT and a bit more….

1 for the Joker who will never act again.. in loving memory of Heath Ledger. If only you have not died

Tanni, Drink and Ayak

Whenever we start a sentence like these words with a macha, the first thing thats gonna pop out is some unforseen interest from all corner of ur surroundings. Its just like a hawt chick passing by, everyone gonna take a quik glimpse and the brave ones stare and the horny ones smiles and nods a lil….just a lil . LOL


As from the first sentences we all know this ones about guys…no not just my makkezs (machas) but also chinese dudes. When we are teenagers we have so much things to do , for instance i used to breakdance, play Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft and even was a part time REMPIT (my bestest time in my life) i broke something once..but that is a story for another time… 🙂


as we grow old we tend to run out of things to do as our age doesnt permit.. I mean your not gonna go and play Street Fighter when you 30 amiright…or would you ???? Ok la maybe play DOTA la…. well most of the girls run out of sight when they hear that their boy friends are gonna go for a game of DOTA… BUt that what we boys like la …please understand- we dont like going for nail or facial or hairdo…DOTA kinda settle all that 😛



At the end of the day all boys end up “picking” up only one sport… thats is picking up the glass/mug to cheers !!!!1 hey its uses ahhahahahaha


Hey its a sporrt..



Btw , ayak pronounced [a-yahk] is derived from Penang Malay..which means water, or in our termm..booooost !!!! ekekekek


1 for AYAK……yaaarr cheerrss !!!!

OMG — Nooo i must run and hide… !!!!