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Foosball Weekend …

I was down at Breakers to check out a foosball competition. And i was lucky enough to meet the Malaysian number one player. Which happens to be my friend.. Took out the camera and shot him playing with the Malaysian No. 2 Its was a good weekend –

I even popped in at Williams… food portion was awesome and the price was OK..

Will be busyt this entire 2 weeks and my parents are down for the holidays 😛

1 for family


May 13th Massacre :(

I know very few pople here so I tend to make random friends, just like that *snaps*
And recently i came across a local here; he was just a 14 when 13 May Happened back in 1969.

When he came back from school he noticed every1 was running packing their bags and trying to get to a save spot. What on earth you think happned on 13th MAY !!!! Will you believe me of the stories Ive heard here…ITS FUCKING CRAZY..believe me. If you could at least even want to knwo the taboo , hear me out – Go look for an OLD apek… at a Kopitiam , sit your ass down buy him a cuppa and ask him.. and be stunned  😦
My eyes were almost tearly but i controled my feelings and carried on home yesterday with a huge truth about it was UGLY..
1 for the lives that we lost on that day – and no they were 169 only 😦 /sob*sob*

Having an Affair

I know most of my reader are not even married; but have you ever gave a thought of having an affair??

We all know you love your significant other however both guys and girls have hobbies – I know this may be bending your moral truths ; but please dont even start suspecting me as I am single 😛

To be affair-ed you need to be double(you + significant other) and only then u can think of being triple(U+she +she) ekekekek

Now stop and think about it, would your significant other have other agendas while you are having one ??? The reason is because this word “affair” has struck in my lifetime more than 3 times.

1. I worked in a restaurant of a rich guy who just started a stupid restaurant just to cover up his taxes; at the same time hired his “girl” as a manager and also rented an office lot for a restaurant which doesn`t even make 1k a monthly sales- gues what they are doing at the office…hmmmmmm

2. A girl started to sms my friend and clearly said her husband is not in toown and that she needs some1 to talk to…..

3. THIS !!!! who would want to know or be involved ???

1 for bent faith…..??

What turns a MAN on !!! ???(men at their worst)

So yea after my birthday and all ;i had some nice Family Dinner at Ingolf Kneipe Tg. Bungah- It was AWESOME and really Value for you Money.

I would like to clearly iterate here that this topic is just plain fun, I know a value of a women as I have both a sister and a mother whom I love dearly- so please don’t misunderstand me. This is just a plain Laugh Out Loud topic, so play along 🙂

Without further a due , What turns us GUYS ON !!!, well I have a few on my list la – and Im being honest. By the way guys I took the liberty of including BIG BOOBIES, NICE ASS and HAWT BODY. So please voice out “other” things that you think should be in the list. Please be kinky, horny, creative and down right explicit !!! and don’t forget to have FUN ..LOL


and girls… close attention – this may just score you some points !!1

  1. Nipple Slipi Know its dirty but its an honest confession 😛 (Ok this one i know all of you guys are not gonna admit- whoever does admit in the Comment = Wa chaya sama lu !)
  2. Pelvic Bones…Uuhhh so nice
  3. Freakazoidzzzzzzz !!!!!!!
  4. Open Minded -as in when it comes to sexual topics .



and guys it`s suppose to be a dirty topic , don’t get me started with a nice face and great smile plus likes walk in the parks !!!!! Must be like Nice face with killer ass and great smile with big Bumbers and like to walk in the parks and ……you know the drill… 🙂


You can comment anonymously if you wish 😉

1 for you GIRLS !!!!!


*Disclaimer *I will not be responsible or held liable for any comments regarding this post 🙂

Birthday Celebration ??

Apparently todays topic isnt what as promised , it will be AFTER this 🙂

My birthday is on the 2nd of MAY and I celebrate it every year. All i want for my birthday is my parents and close buddies with me on my birthday- thats all oh yes and an Apple i-Phone™ hahaahh. Apparently most of us always want our birthdays to be celebrated if the bestest possible way. Here are a few things I wish my birthday is celebrated

1. BBQ..plain and simple good food at the Beach
2. Some extremely foreign country to you – I mean sumwhere they dont really speak your CHina, or Japan or even Russia. LOL
3. Like Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion…. sapa tamo, tell mee !!!
4. Pool Party with exotic lap dancers Cocktails

How would you like to have you birthday celebrated ???

1 for Birthday Cakes