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What you do think turns a WOMEN on ???

WE all know as Asian we aren’t really open about this topic, but truth be said I’m sure you guys actually talk about this all the time; recently i was in a circle conversation with a bunch of girls that talked about this – so i wanna see who else can share


Moving on……

I Kinda know la but its like a very Tabooish topic and i cant simply say girls got no balls to speak out.. LOL

But yes , ive got a few replies, here they are in no particular order

  1. Macho !! One word to rule em all… (Im still looking to know how – because normal we macho or no macho only girls can judge)
  2. Built Body- a bit also ok … but not slopy – i mean they want you to be at least strong skit la
  3. Long Hair, like Rain(Korean Singer) like the 1 cover cover the Face = Like this how gonna look and kiss the ger i also dunno- the hair can masuk UR nose..but i Have long hair la – so i Support !
  4. Cool and calm with a Rough voice… (Wert….then how ar he gonna sing “I never break your HEart” ?)
  5. Low pants with the boxer/underwear revealed (Ahh this wan is my department la 🙂 who wanna see ?

By the way readers..these are solely on “what turns a women on ” not “what makes a girl like a guy”. Ok ??! now who wants to share !!!

(My next post is gonna be about “What turns a guy on la ” ironically 😛 )

1 for US …yeeaaahhh !!!!!! eehehe


So this was Tuesday….

I went for a buffet at Marche @ Curve for the Tuesday Buffet (yes only Tuesdays) and ate . The food was as usual nice 😀 just ate everything on the menu EXCEPT OX-Tail Soup. I have me weekdays like how I have my weekends just not so flamboyant la 🙂

and also who knows anything about SIGG Bottles…?? I got this 😀

I am planning on going to Thailand or Singapore ~~which ever happens, and i really wish to travel !!! Hope either on of this trip happens 🙂

Men and House work !!! NOOoooo000 ???

My sis-law was down with a flu so me and my bro (her husband) volunteered to clean up on her behalf; we managed to clean up the house and it was a breeze, I mean we have been working our asses since we were kids. So cleaning a house is seriously nothing. Let me put it this was, nearly everyday when Im done with work I`ll be like ” Huh finish d ar.. ? Ok i think ill go lepak / ronda ronda around town 😛 ”

In conjunction with that i managed to fix me self a drink and a fusionitic breakfast.

  1. (Ribena + Honey + Lemon ) Ice Blended = HoRiMON ( Ho-rai-mon)
  2. Bed of Roti 4segi & Potato Chips on softboiled eggs + Caramelized onion garlic with Chicken and mushroom YAHHHHHHh BAK KUA !!!!!!

The was really really good, i had my lab rats to try it out and he was honestly not surprised ; cuz he know`s his bro can do it wan. LOL

1 for homemade food…..soo nice 😀

This will do 4 dinner OMG :)

Whats the minimum hours you need to play in order for you to get involved in raiding, for instance BT and such. Please also do state the amount of time and commitment needed per a day, a week and a month. And the amount of money you spend on this game. If 2 out of 10 regular people agree on this ill play it again

Yea it was a question posed to me , but at that point i cant be bothered LOL. Anyways…. I fixed me some dinner, look how gorgeous it turned out to be. Its basically

  1. Bak Kua
  2. Celery
  3. Lingams Garlic & Chili Sauce ( Can replace Cap Tupai YOO!! i kid you Not ! )
  4. Malaysian gherkins – which Green Chili marinated in vinegar and sugar ! ( Packs a heat)
  5. Bread la what else (toasted)

Aint she pretty…Its was seriously damn nice, I have like 2 more slices of Bak Kua at home, just dropby my place and ill make one for you 🙂 TEW , what do u think of this ???

1 for Malaysian Gherkins 😀

Saturday or Sakeday ???

I was home and at 4am, My Mom answered my Dads mobile when I called. I could tell she was waiting , she never had enough of me ever since I left to KL to work 😦

I had the best treatment as a son could get ;I felt so lucky T.T My favourite Fish curry, Milo just the way I like it, cloths taken care off, tea..EVERYTHING !!! I had everything a son could ask for ……and more

Saturday…came :p

Started out the day with some Japanese and moved on to Thai food for dinner and then…….things took a FUNKY turn. We were all thirst out of a sudden for no reason. We had form mini crew…..

Ian, Mogg, Bryan, Dieter, Ramesh, Me, Uncle Jack, Sister Sake, and Brother Carls =)

and thats all =)

If you guys know how a submarine is served in a bar then a Sake Bomb is no diffrent – the Tequila/Vodka is instead replaced with Sake !! ( Sheeeeeeeyyyyttttt )

and a whole LOT of happiness follows….
All in all I had a WHALE of time here in Penang and finished of my trip buying some cloths for both my Mom and Sister….aaahhh live is sooo goood !!!
1 for me Mom, She’s a SUPER MOM and I LOVE YOU FOREVER !!!!

Can I lose weight

I have decided to lose weight for a lot of reasons

SO how can I lose weight and still eat what I wanna eat. Here`s how i have laid my plans 😀

  • The normal serving of food is kinda large and it is big. So instead of eating the whole thing save half of it and keep them in the fridge so you can eat it again after probably 4 Hours :D(Like I saved half of my Nasi Goreng at the office and half of my Wan Tan Mee so i can eat it again tomorrow)

  • Elevate your metabolism before you begin your day and maybe before you end you day. What does that mean ??You need to do some sort of exercise so that your heart pumps a biiit faster than normal. I like taking down the stairs everyday before and after work. This way i kinda burn some calories while I`m not moving 🙂
  • And buy something to wear when you can only wear when you have reached a certain weight. like THIS ~~~~~~ MUuuahahahahaha This is actually a gift from my brother so that I shed some kilos. Not one but TWO Levi`s Button Fly — OOO hh am so gonna fit in em !!
  • My target is to lose 23 kgs, my current weight is 106 kgs.. BELIEVE IT

    1 for everyone whose reading that is looking to lose weight 🙂 please comment you tips and ideas . Ok tq !

New Addition :)

I am set and ready,

there has been a few stuffs I am attending and this blog gotta get some pictures loaded in em 🙂 My bro bought a great camera and I took the intiative to test it for him. Finally my blog wont look so boring with the pictures which is derive from the net. To begin this visual oddesey , I would like to introduce to all of you ……..

GOOF……..or also known as GOOFY 🙂  he`s the new addtion to my family 🙂


 We found him here in Kajang outside a shoplot at the streets, I was already in plans to get a puppy and Goof came along.  and I was skeptic in the beginning but when i saw his face… its was jus like PUSS of the Sherk 2..Dammiittt!!!! We drove back to Penang during the election and took him with us, was kinda worried that he might have car sickeness but fortunate enuff this fella sleeps like a log ! Made it back home to Penang and it was a suprise Pet to my sis and gave her the Honors to make him 🙂 He`s hell of a dog I tell you, extremely obiedent and  has the looks of an angle, he should be 2 months old now and is happyly lepak-ing at my parents place back in Penang .

1 for Goof !!!!!


I have been holding back in mixing with the other, ever since Ive quit some old habits I am picking up- in fatc i had a goal or meeting someone new every week 🙂

ANd i have been keeping that up

and i am planning to pick up Foosball Seriously – lets see where or how far i can get –

1 for touch snake – as im still suckie with my “push”