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Why would it be so….

***For those who didnt watch the Skeleton Key – this is a Spoiler alert *** 

I watched the Skeleton Key long time ago and i was intrigued on how the way it ended…

The bad guys win… how tragic …or how great

you say .. ?

1 for effort


Fast Monday

To me I used to work everyday of the week , ask pongs he used to work with me and he washes plates and cups 😀 i really appreciate it. Todays theme is work and i will talk about a bit of works I have been involved through out my life. Now these are random in no particular order 🙂 this is a series 😀

Khairy Roger

You all know they sell what and yes i worked there  , I was the assistant roaste. I was 16 when i opted the job to my dads shop as I wanted an easy way out !

Random pieces of my life……take #1

Ok this is a marination canister ,as they Master Roastrer pointed at a “Tong”. He went to say that all the chickens are left in here over night. One glance and the water smelt ok but looks like water color cup water (you know how your cup of clear water turns color when u dip ur paint brush in  ?? ya like that ).  ANd all this took place in a very COLD fridge which can fit in with 2 Kancils. Its really freezing like hell  and they require  you to dip ya hands almost up to ya shoulders to get the birds out and to the skewers. By the time your done with 10 birds ur balls are “OUT” —-seriously.

We skewer the chickens and roast em and the best part was when the chickens are “broken” no wings or too kemek- we eat em ahahah . Kira reject la.

and the muffins…I replace corn niblets with peaches instead that we are suppose to use for fruit salad – when the muffins are oven baked – EVERYONE goes bonkers and asks for  a bite- the Whole restaurants suddenly smells like a French Bakery hahahahahaaa..hh. Manager came in and it was GG… Sasi you don’t have to make muffins anymore !! 😛

Job was fun and all and during my time they were serving the Flaming Chicken Wing™ – I tell you the spice they use for this dish was FAWSOME… I really helped my self with all the servings after closing…so niceeeee… but the vacation soon ended.

My dad was not able to cope up with his shop and had to summon me, and i “willingly” opt to be his Indian under aged slave AGAIN  >.<

but i learned how to roast chicken and realized that its really really really easy.. ahah

1 for my Master 😀 guess who ?

Sharing is caring

Recently I came a cross with a few people that decline to share simple things in life. I was like weerrtt !!!

Sasi : hey how did you fix that ?

Mr.A : Cant tell you, business secret !


I was completely baffled out, and he`s Indian. FFS why would you wanna not help a brother out 😦 And then it struck me, maybe he thinks I am just a notch away from him what he knows, or maybe he already knows I am a notch away from him. I really don’t know- but its cool because thats not the  way I roll. Even when it comes to my friends, I am always proactive in sharing out information to grow together, cause thats what we are, we help out each other!!!!

Heres another scenario.


Those who play this game knows that Penang players are Waaaaaay better than any other players in Malaysia; its a known FACT ! but why? you ask me.

Heres the beef….

When you play Foosball in Penang, the community is very small which means you keep playing with the same group of people – and there is no way you can keep pulling the same tricks on the same guy. Furthermore we Penangites share and pin point each and every other players mistakes. But in KL, when they know a players weakness they feed upon it, they never want to share or correct that players mistakes- in return; they may pawn locally – but when the come to us……its a different ball game completely.

So all I wanna “share” today is dont let people make mistakes – if you feel that he/she can improve themselves..let them know. and if they ask ….share some – you wont lose anything but get good karma. Think about it ~


Here`s my Super Hero when i was a Child – check out his Costume Yooo !!!


1 for Peer to Peer 🙂  (hey its sharing also)

Waaaa soo lazy

I never like to sleep in the afternoon – i completely despise it. Why .. i mean you can choose to sleep early instead. Its totally not productive and IF you`r one of those people my mom advised not to talk to ppl like that. Its 1545 now – i go sleep first then later you gimme your explanations of why i should talk to you

But honestly , i will only sleep during these time if im really really really Sleepy. I know a complete definition of tired and i dont simply use it 🙂

1 for sleezzz zzz ZZZ ZZZzz