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Mr. Jean Palmer Yves and his 5 Sisters

Lets say you are a wacko, chances are you will like to hang out around a wacko or shall I cut the entire blog short— birds of a feather flock together. Recently I reloaded my account in WoW(online game), to keep me accompanied here. But I think I might have made a leee-bit of mistake. Why you say..? There are no wackos there; and I dislike people bossing me around.

On the brighter note I believe sex can improve anyones life, if you aint getting enough or not getting any at all – you`ll not be able stay sane for a long time. Ive met a few very disgruntle people that aren’t happy with their lives.. all i can say is ..oor say to myself is– “kesian”Β  😦 Ooh btw spinsters arent sane… batchelors know how to relieve em selfs IF you guys out there know what i mean .. πŸ™‚

With that said I would like to give a shout out to DAN because he`s been really really quite these days as i think he`s like REALLY busy with shits, Weii Mana kame.. i misse you ekekkeke


wOI tm NET help centre

Tm nut is acting up again, i cant even load pages most of the time.. hope i can load up this post CHEEEEEEEssseeeeeppOOOOXXXxxxx you TMNET.. !!!!

None for TMNET….*heavy ventilation*

In Penang as a Prisoner

Hey guys last week Friday I was actually down in Penang ! But I was called down to be a Wedding Car Driver for my brothers friend who is also a great friend to me, Oh man I really felt honored to be the Newly Weds personal driver.Β  They Couple Ganesh & Banuu tied the knot at between 5am to 6am 20/01/08 πŸ˜› believe it – thats the Indian wedding- you need to make sure the “time” is correct according to Vastu Sastru. And yes I was driving them from the temple to Bridal make -up studios to lunches to both sides of the family throught the whole day till they had a dinner function that day it selft at the Long Say Building near Mings Office.

Its was a hectic day even before the wedding, both the bridegrooms parent were quite old so we as his friends came to the rescue in arranging a few stuffs. All in all I really felt happy that I was able to help out in this day , I mean we only get married once (Asians) so being there and helping them out is a MUST !!

The only thing that was horrible was every single house we went to ONLY served VEGETARIAN FOOD !! , its tradition to stay vegetarian for 3 days till they tie the knot. The only penang food I ate was 1 bowl of curry me at New World Part..just one….ishk ishk* and nuthing ELSE aaarrhhhhggg..!!!!

Dudes am sorry i didnt call you fellas because I was extremely busy with all this wedding favors.. but i promise the next time i “LOK” Penang we go “tanni” ekekek I know Moggs and MMk is in..Pongs.. Bryan.. hows ??

1 for Banuu and Ganesh the newly weds. Grats πŸ˜€

Leveling up ya Moood :)

Just like playing an online game , I believe we can seriously focus on what ever aspect of our life that we wanna improve- Am working on my Mood

And yes i also wanna level My weight “up” by losing em πŸ™‚ my current weight will be kept secret till i lose some πŸ™‚

And yes my Hair…. i know i know i look like a pet gorilla BUT all your suffering will be over guys- when i can tie my hair completely- then i can copy the Fat version of hmmm…aaarrr…I also dunno la – i just wanna keep long hair for FUN. (Its an investment for my own happyness )

1 for my hair.. ?? come on gimme some cheer πŸ™‚


Its not always me :P

Where we stand and where we wanna stand and where we actually stand in a social ladder is a pretty tricky guess .

Scenario 1

I liked a girl and I wanna to advance my feeling to her “assuming that I had a chance.

SAD case – she just knows your name – LOL

Scenario 2

Friends are upset, I stupidly assumedΒ  its my fault, and got burned on top of that

Just listen to mogg – “Not everythings about you Sasi !!! ”

Scenario 3

I am just a normal Peon in my company, Boss calls you and tell you that you have great communicating skills and assigns 4 dum dums for you to take care –

(seriously….joe)Β  me talking to myselfsure boh- all i knew was there are others who are better than me-

Scenario 4

My bro called me for a clubbing outing to an Indian pub, then i realized I am “filler up”

Shite – the music was crap and there were no chix on site…no chicks… OMG – and worst of all the band plays really CRAPPY Indian songs.. oh yes they also sing Sad songs

1 for “point your fingers elsewhere”

What 2007 was to me ??


When 2007 started, I was really depressed and its because I live on other peoples approvals. All I wanted was just a great New Year party- my now EX-girl – yearned an “I love you” from me – I gave it to her- just hoping for karma to pay me back in a different way.

I sat there completely sober at a BBQ at Moggs place – waved goodbye to Bingo as he left to another party- Some chick….


I was completely unhappy with myself – on how i looked on how i spoke and on how i behaved- on the whole on who I was….no one. I was working as a business developer in a Sdn Bhd company which promoted me from a normal technician.

Then things took a change – I met an old Penang friend John, and he explained that I could instead apply a job at EDS . and s I did, and things got even worst, I had to call off my relationship, it was more like and agreement; besides we were on an open relationship. But for a moment of time I was able to play WoW(World of Warcraft) in peace with no disturbance, previously my fucking roommates will annoy the shit out of me. The would unplug of the cables disconnect the internet and say not to use the internet in the middle of the night and piss the shit out of me πŸ™‚ i was cool none the less .


I went for the interview and it looked nice, they gave me an assurance that I will get an answer in 2 days. –

News came in and i got the job – I immediately quit my job and left to Penang till I was called to work on 15th of May and things started to get better. I wasn’t deprived of cash, bought whatever I wish when i was broke. Saved some money to buy a car πŸ™‚

During my initial working period there, I was completely pleased with my self and started treating my self instead of others- instead of living on other peoples approvals (atleast not to “over”) I lived for me.


Dropped down for a mates Birthday and used up some leaves πŸ™‚ It was worth it

December –

Which was just last month, where most of you didnt know that i was on a 2 week holiday in Penang- It was seriously one of my best breaks ever, and i actually said to myself that i cant wait to get back to work – LOL

And the answer to all of your doubts..

YES YES YES – 2007 was an AWESOME year..amen

1 for all my pals

Live in the Present !!

Thats my new years resolution, i always thought of things that dont really benifit me – But right now Thanx to Dan Mogg Chuns and a few other – iveΒ  become a bit wiser this year

Oh ya and also lose weight la

all i said to myself when the clock striked 12 was – I making sure that imnot gonna repeat my New Years resolution πŸ™‚

Mati mati also must 70% complete πŸ™‚

Happy New Year folks, tho its kinda late πŸ™‚ ejeekkekekee

awdoa odhsoifhns;orvhsorigs

gsg soishf ef

Ok ke siau adi πŸ™‚

1 for the Birthday Boys Dan Bing PONG !!!!