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7 years changes anyone

“I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave “

– Patrick Stumph , Lead Singer of Fall Out Boys 2007 –

    If you guys listen to that part of the song(Thriller – Fall Out Boys) , man it felt so cool and I wish I had that power, but all of us know we all have that within US!and this starting this holiday season – I have that POWER baby 🙂 you feel sad – come fine me – i give you nod  , your arent happy , come and find me i`ll give you a wave 🙂

    Anyways..about todays topic do you know that is 7 years EVERY single cells in our bodies are replaced ? and studies have proved that it also changes our inner self. When i look back at my self over the years ive realised there`s been so many chances 🙂 Think about it and try to imagine yourself in 7 years gap as in 1-7 -21-28 and so on. and by knowing that fact the term people change made real good sense 🙂

    The last thing i remember when and old school mate saw me was..

    “Huh..?  Sasi the small and the timid one?? !!1” (in amazement)

    By the way did I mentioned that my voice box broke when I was 19 … ahhaah

    Moving futher…..

    Once again I have a long list to complete in PENANG before I get back here to work again and I wish to entertain as many people I can on this run 🙂

    1 for the 7 years of changes in us ….. /nod /wave


Still snoozing

Am just barely there for a long holiday trip back to paradise…..oh how i wish a walk in the sandy beaches wash away my unwanted feelings. I wanna PARTAY when i lok back to PEnang- and hope I get a date in the process 🙂 ekekekkeke

Grats on your new place Dan …

1 for NETCITY 🙂      482655484s.jpg

What do you do ??

So when I am extremely happy of i go all wacky and share my feeling with others – it practically flows within me like an aura…

and if I am not… i will waste the entire day sleeping.andzzzz thazz watzz.zz..ZZZZ..zZZZzz


Huzzah to 30dayartist

There was this iste whereby i will never miss to see what an artist has to say…it unravels the shallow site of me – being an artist 🙂

Recently I lost in touch with them – unfortunately the Webmaster Chin Yew thinks that their Webpage is being hacked- MEAN fuckers… when people are doing great – they come and kacau – I hope u can get/revive the site mate 🙂

anyways you can still visit the other blog below this post .

Just thought you guys should at least read this 🙂

the afraid

“i hate to be in love.
it gives me a certain feeling
where i long for someone
who i can never get.
but then again,
it’s love.”

– the afraid.and also this one….when I was going thru the same shit

Blogger Sasi a.k.a Saz said…

“you need to first lose something
in able to see how great it is.
you need to fall inable to feel
the full climax of standing
up again. and again. and again!”

thats just awsome– nicely explained 🙂

thanx chin yew 🙂


1 for NOS™ in life



I came to look at the things I have achieved and what I want to achieve. Today at work i came to realize I sit differently then I used to be…. I used to stand most of the time 🙂 because I felt uneasy sitting down to long (because I am Hyper so sue me )  In the beginning  I was catching up work.. getting to know  them – NOW since Ive know my regular mundane, I THiiinnkkkkkkkkkkk………………. IM SLACKING.. shit -!!!!!

I wanna be able to add new things in my life, like actually going “walking” at least 3 times a week – making sure I actually fold my cloths and stick with the “diet” plan. etc etc

The reason that made this series of event was just a series of questions that came from  a series of different people..the only thing that wasn’t a series is that it all happened TODAY !

1. How come you missing all the accesses.. why didn’t you setup it up all since you know u have rebuilt your computer…( when i was seeking help from a colleague)

2. Hey Sasi, where did you work before this? ( After they realized I wasn’t able to answer a technical question at work, Ive been there for 1/2 year, it shows that I didn’t take initiative to learn more)

3. After someone else was chosen over me to do something ( Basically I am still a junior – BUT -I know i was in the running to be selected over the other person) FYI – I wanna be OUTSTANDING-

4. How come you didn’t fix that light….its been 3 days !!!! Self explanatory ( My sister -in-law over the busted light in the toilet back in my Bro`s apartment)

5. Doooood!!! What the FUCK are you doin man — get that Resume done – You dond wand  to endd up back in INDIA rightd ??.. I mean I would for a Holiday but Nod forever.. – Babu getting on my head !! 😛

There`s a lot more from where that came from , oh yes even blogging – I don’t wanna be lazy or lay in a stasis – I have to be off this comfort zone

1 for Penguins

I in lappe…


With my keyboard and my mouse and also my monitar….. 🙂

Its it wasnt for them – how am i suppose to express them

Lemme give you boys and girls a few words of advice in Love – mind me this is for single peeps oni – Sorry Zooe… ekekkeke ur Double 🙂

1. try ur best to let her know you like her Duration <2 months

2. See what kinda person she is and whether she will like who you are.. WARNING – Be yourself ^.^

3. If all else fails.. dun go around talking bad about her or calling her a F-ing Bitch and Slu+ or what so ever- Respect their choice – after all; they need to bring themselves down to earth some day, dont they ?- & IF they dont ……….. well lets not go there- I`ll blog about (Spinsters/Bachelors some day soon– and why u should stay under your own league )

Till then boys and girls…give boys / girls a chance 🙂

1 for You boys and girls yay 🙂

Dont Thrust trust

The Gathering

When you work in a Multi National Company, you come across a lot of “wannabes” – and HEAPS of politics… ;/ i hate em…. But none the less you get to have well functioning counterparts who know what they are doing… lets face it none of us wants to work in a Government office. ( Maybe Mogg)

When I was eating lunch today with my regulat partner. Out of a sudden  she popped a question….. “How can you trust a person?? ” –

It then hit me, who do I trust.. ?

I began counting in my mind while she went on chatting.. she was a crescendo to me now in the background. I managed to get a few then i made a check out of those people that I counted out – how many of them Trust me back..?? I was doubtful 😦

Annnnyywaysss… I told her you cant simply trust anyone you feel like trusting – you need to give time and only time can tell you who you can trust.. I said that because I trusted and put Faith in lots of people you see…just so that I get the same treatment back in return… 🙂

FYI = Its doesn’t work that way

After done eating I asked her..”Why?? You think your Boyfriend is cheating behind your back or sumthing ? ” She immediately replied ” Oh no No its someone else” I had a feeling she was referring to me, but I just kept quite and didn’t want the convo to flow any further… ( Give me the perception that its me at least ) since I cant think of others that have “any” in me 🙂 faith that is..

Boys and girl….. dont think if your kind to someone you be blessed with kindness in return.

The lamest excuse Ive ever heard is ” You have to be CRUEL to be kind ”

Listen to Tyrone Wells – Sea Breeze

1 for “No more chance” Cards in my life….. I want em all BACK … got none to give away 😦

OMG – I wish i was a New Yorker

Read this enuff said …  



Tuesday, December 4

Open Bar/Open Packs
Fontana’s Bar – 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
105 Eldridge St, between Broome and Grand, (212) 334-6740 is going to be hosting an open bar party on Tuesday evening on the Lower East Side. Your hosts will be me, Michael J. Flores, Matt Wang, and there should be a full cast of famous and not-so famous New York Magic players at this favorite watering hole of Matt’s. It will be $35 for three hours of open bar, and that will include one draft set and all the land you could need for drafting. The bar has ample tables and chairs and should, if the person from the bar is to be believed, even be well lit enough for ease of drafting.

If you are over 21 years of age—and have the documentation to prove it—I hope to see you Tuesday night to welcome you to Worlds

And for those who doesnt know what magic is – well google it la 🙂 ehhehe

Sorry so long wasnt able to blog – i was back down in Penang celebrating a friends birthday –

1 for Bryan the birthday boy 🙂