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Stop! where going.. ?

I was catering to my favorite relative who decided to stay at my place for a week. Explains the “why no post” 😛

 This weekend which I really needs is gonna be screwed due the the multiple road blocks that the PIGS have set up – every single entrance to the TOWN… I know why they doing it and am going to stay secret about  my support to whatever they are stying to stop “us” from doing la. All i can say is that it provokes the Rakyats who would wanna have a peaceful weekend.. i mean already there will be jams that they need to endure but now the make it worst – more than an hour to reach Midvalley rather than a simple 20 mins drive…..

Last night while me and my bro were driving to Petaling Street the PIGS stopped us out of suspeciosution and questioned us like criminals. Asked for both of our IDs

Pig : Nih nak pi mana ni….

US : Shopping kasut

Pig: Ehh Dewali dah habis nak shopping lagi.. ?

Us: Tak saya takda kasut..

Pig: Ooh dari penang..saya pun dari utara..

Us: Oooooooo…  🙂  (*yea wtv)

Pig : ok boleh jalan..

Like wanna stay there and have Teh tarik and roti canai..

1 for the Word S.. cause it can stand for alot of words.. like SATURDAY !!!!


Cheesepox, and what it means

Obviously by now all our you guys are baffled of what this word means…

before I begin there is a few more words that I would like to add ; that is

Puroks & also Pukoks.. /shy


During my teens I had a very foul mouth, that was me and it didn’t bother me at all. This is a sample of my normal conversations last time…

Me : Ok la we kena that #$@%& Char Koay Teow and that #$@$$# Road..
Friend1 : Then what the #$@% you waiting for #%$@%…..* friendly grin*
Me : @#$@% ..LA later I $@#$@ you Up really @%#^ nicely then you %%#@$ know what the hell i am talking about.
Friend1: ooh Ok ok chills
Me : ARRhhhh @#$% la ! Don’t talk much lets gogogo 😛

Untill one day…. I had someone whom I wanted to be a role model for..

Friend3 : Ehh You ar..haiyo..always [he doesn’t say them out – he gives funny expression of the way i say my bad words] every word ..haiyo.. *shakes head in disappointment *

Me : eeeerff.. hmm shh shh..Ok oK .. [embarrassed]

Ever since that day; whenever I was about to curse .. I would suppress these words and the end up blurting these words instead 😛

Puki –> Pukong —> Pukoks

Then the other word was Puroks … don’t ask me how this 1 came out – its was from the bottom of my heart – just came out like that niah ! 😛

and the infamous…Cheesepox !! This word was actually derived from Cibai.. (pardon my Hokkien) from there this is how it broke down to..

Cibai –> Cheesebye —> Cheesepox !

and there you go, thats how I ended up with these words. Its not like I don’t curse now but am not the old fouled mouth person that I was before 🙂 So boys and gals if u wanna use these words.. you gotta pay me royalty

Happy WEEKEND !!!

1 for growing up..

How`d you like your Eggos Sir ?

“We`ll done….ahhh – so u dint know that ur the piece that made a piece of me when I was depressed” was the exact word I went on ranting to Mr.X… “u became a unreliable source after all ” – Rant end !
Well all know what egos are – lets look at a few samples
1. You`r the only one around and u went on to RIP one out (fart la) …then a good friend comes over and you say…….
a. Wei…fark man this place is GONE (misdirecting that someone else have done it)
b. Ehhh you fart…sheet la you !!! ( You friend str8 blur ! )
c. Buat Bodoh like mogg..or tree
d. Moooo…..
2. Ehh.. why u didnt take that last piece of pizza / chicken / DONUT .. ??
a. No la that one fell down just now – no1 saw i put it back
b. Full adi… (but u like dying to have it)
c.Take and put other peoples plate
d. Straight wallop ! !
3. You messed up good and your about to apologize….what you say.. ?
a. Say sorry and kiss and make up..uh my FAV.. ❤
b. Turn the table and point the fingers back faster than Mr. Hanh ( Linkin Park Turn Tablist)
c. Seek forgiveness…
d .this is what i Said
4. You were late and made every1 wait….
a. Act dunno..
b. Apologize
c. Get a watch
d. Give lame excuses…
Todays post is just a friendly reminder to swallow sum egos 🙂
1 for the ego pills that we all swallow….

Fratardian !!!!

You all will probably be thinking – what my topic means…. its short for Fat retarded Indian 🙂

And that none other than me, ever since i moved to my new job – i was really happy – new job , new pay , new “eyemo” , new friends and new BODY WEIGHT !!!!

Let me break it down to you……

when i moved to my new place – i was 92 Kgs

NOW I am a whopping 101Kgs….talk about indulging – and thus my fellow readers I gained 9Kgs in less than 6 months.. thats 1.5 kilo a months…. shizzer..


And talk about OKB = Orang Kurus Baru .. damn it I hafta buck up- am gonna try not to repeat my New Years Resolution next time (2009)

In fact am hoping to have a completely different resolution (meaning am thin at that time la)

Apart from that I have a few wish list, am planning to buy an Item a month to reward me,


By the way I was just feeding myself silly all this while 😦 Soooo this month end I will post the first item that i would buy for my self …. YOSSSHAAAAAaaa !!!!!

I wish I had a Red Light Saber

You know i always thought to myself … and i think like any other person… All i could care most is tag a question to everyone of my friends and loved one with a “what IF…”

What IF he/she does this instead of that

or speaks like this instead of like that

Smiles at you

say yes when you say you love her

Put their hands on your shoulder when they take a photo

and then it struck me…when i was reading all my history in my MSN and asked myself – SASI…look at you .. 😦 what IF….

And so im listening to myself now and that “what if” is definitely

Why not the Dark Side….

and then it struck me – only the Bad wants to be good and the good wants to be BAd

P.s Its not like im on the Light side also 🙂

1 for Darth Anakin Vader

Notice the themed post.. *ruffeled breathing*



I am coming back home and i am very exited… as I’m writing this at my working desk. Which i rarely do- but luckily for me the Australian are on a break , Melbourne in particular actually- its the Australian Cup – Horse racing whereby 6 Millions in stake, oh by the way I provide tech support for Australia just in case some of you out there dint know— this is the Logo 🙂


I have some last minute shopping to do before shooting off to the island, and in that time please send in your SMS request for what ever you guys might want from KL, request line closes at 4pm !

Ive made my plans for this Dewali and its fairly simple, it gonna be family day all the way and i am having a miniature Makans for few close friends this friday 🙂 those who are interested please let me know.

Apart from that my usual are the Hokkien Mee and Char Koay Teow and of course catching up with what ever Ive missed…..

See guys soon 🙂

Listening to Jay Chou – Dong Feng Po

1 for Penang !!

If I was a Convict :/

Suppose I was a convict  – I am imprisoned for being  too sexy/talkative = sexative ; and I am being sentenced to death in 3 weeks… the Aiyer (Indian Priest) will ask me – Which Bangana (My lil sis pronounces it this way) Leaf Shop you wanna eat at..? I will just say I wan eat



When I went there to eat with Blooming Tree and Girl X a few weeks back , I never realised that I am in for a BIG treat J When we went the I was under dressed – I didn’t want to steal the lime light from our Super Handsome Mohawked Softspoken Attrocious Tree , DAN ( he belanja us makan there la kena Pasang skit la) I was simply wearing my favourite T-Shirt and jeans clad with flip flops 😛 This what greeted us at the counter….


Then we Masuk la… Thanks to Tree – he used his hand$omene$$ to pa$$ the guards

/drooool… this is how it looks like inside…poshy la super chun..


Without further ado me and Tree being the regular bufayers when to survey the entire court, to my surprise this place was BIG.. the had like 2 island counter whereby u can circle them and the edges we all “counter-ed” with multiple islets – You’d be greeted by this counter…


And then we get to the part where we realised that you can “cooked on demand” dishes  !!They have this simple  clips that’s on your table which is numbered  –  simply drop your clips on a bowl provided below the sample food – the will cook that dish and serve it to your table !!! Just like in JAPAN — Maleh……..

All in all this Place is the Bomb If u wanna KENA KOW KOW – (Sekurew Diet !! )

but Unfortunately there was no Unagi (Eel) during my visit, but they do serve it – i heard from the others 🙂 If you guys wanna “lok” call me ya ehehehehehe

1 for the DAN , the Blooming Tree

Dewali Feveear

Please excuse me.. as i was fairly busy shopping cloths for my Entire Family – and this years Dewali is Gonna be a


I went on shopping for everyone – Mom Dad Bro Sis – for the FIRST time in my life (reason being no $$$ last time la )
I hope that they will like and also Fit in the cloths that I’ve bought for them 🙂
ALL my purchase was really worth my while – I was completely happy with ALL of them – and it wasn’t  the “price” I’m a Taurus – i have a good GREAT sense of Fashion Ok 😛
My Best purchase ever was the Holland Football Team Sweat Shirt complete with Zipper – has a Turtle Neck Effect – now thats cool 🙂 this the logo that it bares



Currently i cant post any pics..sorry– and thats my Next important thing – to get a Phone+Camera then I can “Pai” Post Like a Pimp ekeke

1 for Dewali YAY YAY………