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Rant A Friend

I woke up today as usual just to be greeted by heavy rain – its a nightmare for me to go to work since its a 30 mins ride ON THE BIKE — but its ok i called up office and mentioned that i will wait out the rain – everything at work was a breeze..

Then came the time to go back home – so i ma relaxingly cruising on my Moto la.. then it happened -_- Tayak Pachek .. Cheesepox la , i mean my rear tyre just flat yesterday today my front one – talk about ARSE luck.

its ok la – i simply called a random “tayar pancit” number i had and he came over…after 25 mins

While he was fixing.. i began to talk to him … more like RANT DUMP la.. he he was slowly fixing my tyre and i was babbling about my dissatisfaction in life, i went on an on an on till i had nuthing to say – i felt ok that moment that i was able to get rid of those from my shoulders–he chared me Rm20 which was the normal going rate – i only had Rm50`s notes and he only had RM27 – kira he masuk Rm3 la – i paid him happily as he gave me a few words of advice and mention – this is HIS world – everything happens for a reason 🙂 with that said i laid all the burden to time and rode back home a happier person

1 for Tayar Pancit Repair guy – if it wasn’t for him – i don’t know when i would have got home 🙂
Thank you Come again 🙂


Party Party Party

Well last weekend we had *HEAPS* of relatives crashing the night at my house. There were like 6 people and 3 people from my family 🙂

WHy… its because it was my brother’s and his wife’s birthday — yes they both have the same birthday 🙂

We began the Saturday with preparing all the food for a steamboat – whatever u can name ? it was there of course no pork because most of em dont it that “What a waste i say… “

I went out to buy some satay and fried chicken and when i came back home – IT was HAMMER time 🙂 ( kira tanni session la) eheheh

Then the party kicked off with more friends coming over – in just 20 mins it seemed as tho i was in a small club 🙂 like 28 people 😛

Fuuyoo i tell you i just hantam the Satay and birthday cake ( Mud chocolate cake) – Syok

They party went on to 4 am – whereby the mens retrieved for a few games of Siam Ban Luck (Dont know how to spell pardon my hokkien mee) — before i find myself waking up at 11am – *dazed and blur*

Its was just plain fun 🙂

Next time to go shopping for Deepavali

Those who i might have forgotten

This wan ya is gonna sound like a Grammy receiving speech..

i would like to thank all who is reading this and i hope that i wont forget any1 that i knew in the future …unless its intentional la. Im having both my family and my in-laws crashing us this weekend at my place and i hope to have a great time. I haven’t seen my mom in a while and im looking forward to seeing her.

If there`s a song that i really like now its gotta be Tracy Chapman – Fast Cars

canu guys please intro sum songs as im running out of artist/songs that i know

please please comment with a good song Thanx

Artificial Life

If u wanna have a good time and be happy/sad/crazy/angry or anything……. just fake it – it can become real. built up the scene and -at viola you might get what you looking for. Thats what you get at an office or some people who u meet who you DONT like… you fake it 🙂

BUT…why not think of being happy … just a suggestion


1 for forgetting

Teaching other wht u know

Currently, ive realized that im back to my olden ways of advising, only difference is i give to those who seek. Last time i was like those door to door sales man 😦


I have not played WoW for almost 2 Months now, ive realized that i have much more time in my hand and that i can think with much ease. Im looking forward to this upcoming Black Eyed Peas concert which will be held in Genting Highlands – DAMN i cant wait….and the beats goes……………………… runin runing and running runningrunin runing and running runningrunin runing and running runningrunin runing and running runningrunin runing and running running lets get COOKOOOO

1 for Magic : The Gathering

Sasi, Indecisive Vigilante WB1

People who lack strength in some fields will automatically be attracted to a person who has that values… its next to nature. I have a few people that falls in that category – on such person for me is this guy – Ill call him Dirk

Now Dirk is a normal looking person but however he “seems” to possess a lot of great qualities; qualities that I want – its more like I NEED em. But the sad fact is – this person barely knows me. All I know about him is his name, all he knows about me is my name— wait I will take that back – he might know more about me that I think. Like for instance every single person seems to want to know him – girls drool over him—literally. Like…

Jane : OMG OMG .. I think dirk likes me..
Me : … and why u say that?
Jane : He… just threw a stone at me…*gigles away*
Me : ..damn.. /salute (to dirk in silence)

Other than that he has this gleaming look on his face wherever he goes, people just nod in respect to him – most wish that they could have a word with him- like anything. But he`s just … I don’t know how to explain this part- he aint snobbish at all –just… I feel he thinks of time all the time. And that he has none for chit chatting. He reminds me of my brother 😀 – such charisma vigilance and “Sir” like qualities. I wish to be that person someday – only thing is – I tend to crack jokes quite often and this habit is in my way. And I never realized that id sound like a kid today – wanting to be a man like Dirk on day

Why didn’t I think of this plan when I was a kid…probably busy having fun.

1 for Sir Dirk, Fist of Vigilance

Number game la

We were talking to each other about numbers.. like when your born and what your destined for- HONESTLy – i never believed all this before..but now – it rather doubt it– kira pechaya skit la..

The moment most of my colleagues saw me or they knew i was a unique person but these girls… they`r all Indian- see that where they all make the biggest mistakes is they judged me by the day i was born. Well some of the things the said made sense – but then again you can relate them with random people. but this one girl was kinda reading or what kinda person i was — more like reading it out loud– it kinda creeped me out and i left home. the only thing that made my day was from a friend – who mentioned that she wish she knew we earlier- its completely platonic 🙂 nah uh aint sex if thats what you guys think

P.s leave your birth date after commenting 🙂

1 for numbers

Alah this 1 -_-

I was at work today and i received a call from a Chinese guy..i ll call him Gong – SO as usual – i have to remote desktop myself to the users computer to fix some issues. The moment i saw his desktop i was suprised – why on earth does he have a wall paper like that !!!!!

Its was an error message cameo wallpaper – which looks real. Any normal computer literate person will know its a wallpaper, but this person didn’t. To top it of its was a language pack error which was titled fluent – which in this case the user was really “fluent”(English/Computer). I was forced to put the user on hold while i laughed my ass off!!! Unhold – I let the wallpaper be and went on to fix the real issue. After fixing the problem we came back to the wallpaper-

Sasi : Its a wallpaper Gong ! -_-
Gong : No its not…..
Sasi: Yes it is i cant click it – just change the wall paper and you`ll be fine 🙂
Gong: No!!!! look i cant click on it (wit heavy chinese slang trying his best to sound aussie)

At this point i was just plain dumbfounded – I know for a fact that some one at his office is fooling around with him . and then he laid the bomb –

Gong : Every time I come to the office and start my computer my email doesn’t work and i always get this error message.

Sasi : How long have u been working here Gong..?

Gewen : 8 YEARS !!!! @_@

I went on to change his background as he was still arguing with me that its not a wallpaper- obviously at this point he doesn’t know what a wallpaper is or that you can change it 😦

The moment the wallpaper changed to a random background – he gave me a giggle and said

Your right – its a war rapper ! Tank kiu

1 for mean shenanigans ..LOL


Alrights am off to The Black Eyed Peas Concert who wanna come

Gentings 1 pic to rule em all of this concert details

P.s Morgan cant come – we disallow you — anti morgan campaign (but actually) we want him to follow la see how- the more the merrier 🙂



There`s this saying in Tamil.” You can only use thorn to remove another thorn”

Its like when you`ve stepped on sumhting sharp ? you need sumthing else which is equally/ or sharper to remove that-

Same concept in life 🙂

Have a good day 🙂