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Computer Power Down

Came back home yesterday and switched my computer and thats it – Ziggy was lifeless 😦

Damn i knew that moment he needes a POWER transplant !!!

Now he`s fine

Coming to brighter notes – i feel like coming back home more often now πŸ™‚ Its always up to us to make things look funny/sad/depress/nasty .. its just us LOL .

Datuk Morgan is working now… hope this buddy of mine lasts.. and PAUs a pau Thau in the making

On the lame note, i only had one person who dint reply to my SMS when i was in Penang, but its ok – people wont know what they miss only when the miss it . Thanx Vic for the invite am sorry am down here now.

and for the record…. you dont hafta apologive to me like that, its the thought that counts πŸ™‚

Bryan…. you know the usual things i advice, dont let us down man , GOOD SPEED and study smart –

and to who ever this may concern – life aint a game, its not like a card game to see if u win in the end – cuz trust me – when u lose – you lose BIG πŸ™‚

1 for friends again….. πŸ™‚


Now listen close to the words i lay ….

We are all moralled people but we always have the other guy on the other side of your head always telling you to do the bad/good thing – are u catering to your self ???

Well ive decided to do so – after a while – when i was being in that mode i achieved loads of shit !!!

So i guess ill give him a try – i mean its not gonna hurt meh !!

ive had sum1 telling me do what you think is correct and carry on doin it πŸ™‚ you`ll reach where u wanna be – a PERFECT high

This time its the “it cant get much worst” vs “no one shud ever feel like”

think i`ll get out of penang….

I mean is great dun get me wrong, but they`ve said a Prophet is never known in his own land – now im not saying i am a prophet BUT i ve had very liltle friends there – ONLY can name 3 la – like now la if u ask me ….

He`s i start all new prevent the heart aches that is preventable and un-repeat the repeatable mistakes and un-unmake the made mistakes !

I always made my fair shares of cares – and all ive got is lot of i dun cares LOL

So when i was here in KL – i was like battling with my Dark / Light side…..

ahhhh finally realized where i was suppose to belong – dang ! dit know it was that easy

1 for Skywalker… not that im againts/ with you πŸ™‚ but just 1 for you la

Diffrent Frequency

I a radio………*beeep*

With that said — here goes…

Recently i have learned to let my guards down and tried myself wit new friends πŸ™‚

Im kinda liking it – let me teach you a few things i apply in life to approach matter my way

1 . Be a passive speaker – like the background radio of some old chinese/indian station – u know wherever u go – your bound to listen to these stations – especially at mamaks or ur granmas house- What does this means — u stay in a group – u have ur own agendas – and ur listens listen to you unconsciously and react when they hear sumthing the like – like how we behave when we listen to some wacky advertisements or some songs that we like…. this way both parties are happy but then the response time is unpredictable πŸ˜›

2. The active speaker – its like your in a concert or at Thaipusam – your OUT AND LOUD people have to listen to you – IF you prove a point u can tone done (be less condescending) but no matter what sum people will just listen because not every1 think with their brains… they just follow the flow. Now i may admit this sounds rude but – HEY – im just breaking down the way we react- to me this style works only a few times.. 😦

3. Have some buttons – Play and Stop – Plain simple – just react to the crowd when needed – this one get you goin really far – but whts the point of watching some one else play CS/WOW – dun u wanna play it ???? Use only when ur lazy – but if this is your habit – you wont be able to get things goin your way-

Unfortunately i prefer to burn my own CDs ( Path in live) so need to try slowly this time πŸ™‚
And mix with my age group to begin with ahahaah…….

1 for my fresh new batteries….. thanx dudes (mogg + tree )

Venture to the other territory

I never really got used to Chinese literates.. till i came to Kajang .. i mean i knew a few back in Penang but they were just to shy to talk or even socialize… why — cuz they had a choice, and so did i. BUt when i got here – ive decided to kick the dirty habit and get to know some real nice people here – WHY – and how i knew they were nice ppl = i had no choice than to mingle around – so it took some time but eventually i knew they are ONE hell of a great company-

Thanx dudes – u know who u guys are

The Take over, The breaks over

I came to realize that my account expired (WoW) … I decided not to reload till next month and hplanned some social outings — after wasting enough money on my cell to call people – i successfully filled my Friday, Saturday and this day (Sunday) i had great fun and as usual made new friends – honestly im scared to make friends now a days – no telling whose gonna ditch ya, so am playing ti save– will explain more on upcoming posts..

Now Now.. im not saying WoW took my online time – but id say more of my Offline time.. i mean kept thinking of what ive done for the better of the WoW community and what i had got back in-return. And yes we are only human hoping for something in return – Sadly i had my returns from a mere stranger ingame and also from One and the only other player Dahsyat plus and offline player Bomoh – (this nub logs in and counts out the time on how long he has to stay AFK to get booted of the server- Dun ask me why he does that -_- he`s my Lover — i have it in B&W (black and white la )

Other than that i have some how managed to increase my Nanderism skills – I mean its 350 now just getting em enchanted – so after some buffing im still the highest (589 To be precise) Woot !!

So comin back to the title of my topic today….The Take over, The breaks over its a song title which – in my own way of explaining is getting on with my own Agenda. I was just wasting my efforts to please people – right now – ive reduced to do that and carry on a normal healthy life which emphasis more on my own needs πŸ™‚

With that said – i shall warn all you guys out there – cuz right now – my Nanderism is gonna go to a level where no Nande has gone before… /bow

1 for self preserve-variants not perseverance …..