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Blow up "counters"

Being me – i am quite a reserve person – but i have counters in life

Like for instance when you are starting to feel hungry – u get a counter in you, then when you get a bit more hungry you get another counter !!! You see these counters builds up and eventually -you gotta eat or end up getting gastric pains which in my term blow up (reached exceeding limits)

ME ?? i have patience counter , and I have my ways and means of getting rid of the patience counters before i get angry – but recently i channeled my dissatisfaction to a certain party due to my overwhelming counters on patience – and i flushed it out like a young gun 😦

I felt crappy later – but i managed to recover the situation in time –

As of any way like how Jessica Simpson made a public apology over her hawt/ disgusting (too some ppl) act on the Video clip of “These boots are made for walking” I would like say the same

” – sorry MR. BFPB it was my fault –

You see sometimes its good to swallow egos – it gives you a “humble” counter πŸ™‚
So guys next time – think before you act – because you don’t wanna end up with too many “I dont like you” counters πŸ˜› its very difficult to flush dem out πŸ˜›

1 for ego pills that we swallow


Today i have a Question ??

We all like a lot of things in life and we tend to express them in ways only we can understand. Like for instance i used to keep my highest button on my shirt unbuttoned back when i was with my ex girlfriend- and she would always button it up for me – you know the joy i get in that !!!! ??? Its simply nice. or when i bully my sister to make her a cup of Milo – i mean she literally waits for my order, just to please me πŸ™‚

what have you done to please your loved ones today ??

Me??? I am doing it everyday..its just like a Mastercard advert

Lavender laced dress Rm45 , Digi Reload Rm 10
Seeing the smile in your loved ones face… priceless……

Movinf others without moving a muscle

You know in my life I have met a lot of people, some aimless, some ambitious and SOME….just plain cool. But with all this people around you – ever wonder which one is YOU ! ? I always wanted to guide others but at the end of the day people can look through you – and it depends if your ugly or not !!! We humans have a normal sense – like spider sense, we can simply have a slight idea if this person is well capable of doing what he thinks he can !!

You think she can be you dream girl !!

So my spider sense tingles when ever I see someone that I “feel” requires help ! I mean in anyway – whether its moral, family or even love. And then there are sometimes you come across a greater being that is “like” GOD . I mean he/she can just move you without moving a muscle-

I was moved

When was the last time “GOD” said “Hi” to you ??? If you do – say hi for me to him too πŸ™‚

1 for the movers

Up your Ante !!

Some day you will be the Prime Minister of Malaysia , Rock Star or even the Best Blogger in the World but before all that can take place we need to see where we stand ! We need to build our self right – we need to add value in ourselves we need to SPICY it UP !

BUt how you ask ??? Be like Batman….

Remember in Batman Returns – the Hero kena tar pau by the Bad guy- then he goes back to the “bat cave” and improvises himself! We can do that by focusing on what we want in our lives and work towards it – trust me i’ve heard a lot of people saying – if you really look hard enough you`r bound to bump in to it πŸ™‚ I always see my self as some example but its just that i wasn’t good enough. I have changed through out the years – yes i agree i still make some silly /HUGE mistakes once a while but – i would like to state that we learn by taking the wrong turns, we learn by Fucking It up Big time – are we all children of God ??

1 for you !!!!

I wanna be a Faarmer!

Well imagine if i was papaya farmer LOL .

My secret name will be Farmer Joe πŸ™‚
My shops name will be called Winter Papas Papayas πŸ™‚
My Papayas will be rated by size and textures and sum times for Bodily hair

Some papayas are Ripe πŸ™‚ while others are half ripe

But at the end of the day its depends whether you gonna be a papaya farmer or a rambutan harvester ???

I m gonna go with Hairy Papayas πŸ™‚

1 for nanderiasme

I have to share la this

This is an unpaid post..unless i get dem (what ever on the post) now !

I was as usual looking around the web for some nice blogs to read then suddenly …..i came across this .. i am not kidding you `ll one of the BEST NEST BETS ETBS TEBS TBET SBTE BETB ETBS GEBS TBST BSBS TEBST EBST BSTB ESTG EBSG BESt

FLOG (food blog) i have ever come across – and what makes me even proud is this person here is a MALAYSIAN – yeah baby πŸ™‚

This blog has all the mouth watering cookies to muffins to curries to laksa to “FRIED BELACHAN CHICKEN ” too – soo many la – so guys out there please please check this blog out it`s totally awesome – the amount of time and passion poured in to this blog is unimaginable- check it out today –


1 for the expedeted writer πŸ™‚ you deserve it πŸ™‚

We are what we are – we can choose to be…

when we were kids (young) we choose to be what we want – like for instance we wanna be kind to animals la (LOL) for instance la. but when we grow up we tend to hate a few animals -like monkeys , cats and so on. BUT why – when we have already choose to love animals we succumb to our feeling or in this sense our character?? we can not choose to be good – it comes within and you can not choose to be bad – this comes naturally.

Sometimes i just wish i can feel nothing for someone or just hate another BUT it doesn’t work its just how we are all made of ><

i am a funny guy by nature – and ooh that feels so good …

1 for who we are

All the " I love you- you din’t Love me back" guys out there

Since KL in my life – i have learned that things will always be the opposite of what ever we think of. I have been hearing a lot of i dint get a chance / i wasn’t given a chance.
Its like this……

take for instance Jane, Jerry and Jill-

Jill is madly in love wit Jerry
but Jerry is madly in love with Jane
and Jane is MADLY in love with Jill’s HOt —- (Yummy – fyi Jill doesn’t know it )

So one day Jerry couldn’t hold his feeling for Jane anymore and decided to let her know about it – and what you think she’s gonna say ?

” Look here Jerry you a “great friend” but hoaid aoidhadad adhadh qodhaid sfwlui dfgdg (the rest of em is just Jerry looking at her silent lips)

Then when Jill confessed her love to Jerry – he just rejected her because his heart is with another HAWT girl. Why? because he finds her not compatible with HIM and there is nothing in this world she can do to change his feelings towards her- its like eating a cheese cake with sambai toppings(its not like you cant eat it ..its just………)-end of story-

For all those broken hearts out there, hang in there guys – its not like the end of the world- pick your self up and keep moving on. My love was rejected too.. 😦

NOW moving on to Jane, when she confessed her love to Jill – Jill excepted her love just to break Jerry’s heart. And that was IT LA – Jane and Jill lived happily ever after.

1 for all the broken hearts.