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So we had a "little" drink

It was Thursdays evening, so i suggested to go for some lite tanni session (boost session) …
So we got off work and went to this coffee shop and decided to buy 2 bottles each- there were 3 of us 🙂 i would say that is pretty mild..

BUT….. ahahah

You know theres always a BUT .. instead of drinking 6 bottles we ended up drinking X number of bottles :S

Its was almost midnight- so my colleague decided to drop me of to my car which i had parked opposite my office . He was “elsewhere” – he decided to put on some music before we drive–

Teriyaki Boys – Tokyo Drift—- REALLY LOUD

and started drving on the opposite side of the road !!!! – there was amost no cars on the road at that time till a white waja with a weird looking box on top of it came the opposite direction !

then that weird looking thing started to light up and guess what !- its was blue in colour !
What else to do then to swerve the car off and speed off la. LOL – then its was a series of Police and Theif – like Need for Speed while i was screaming like a pussy –
We made quick turns and fast maneuvers but still just as we parked our park by a park and switch off the engines- the police car stopped right beside US !

My colleague was like – WTF !!! where did they came from.(he was drunk- so how can he think or even move fast)

Colleague : Sorry boss – salah jalan ?
Police : Ada minum kah ?
Colleague: tadak tadak !!

Guess what the police said ???

OOh macam itu kan – OK 🙂 jalan slow sikit

My colleague reached out his hand and shook hands with the police while saying “Sorry aah sorry ahh ”

To my suprise the police just let us off. I thanked my lucky balls that night for not getting caught for driving under the influence of abusive substance ekekekekekeke

1 for blue strobe lights!!1 they kept coming in my dream LOL


Ehh i didn’t know that

Ever been in a scenario where you know what is wrong with the whole picture but you just have to/ choose to keep quite because the “one” who is trying to figure out the solution is your superior / or someone your not quite fond of ?

Don’t quite get it ? heres a case study;

Scene 1:

You company phone has speed dials, one of your colleagues still goes around frantically asking every1 he knows for a certain person number not knowing that you can speed dial, he even goes to the length to call others and ask them to sms the particular contact 😛 lol

Scene 2:
You can simply pick-up my office phone and dial a certain extension and get connected directly to the other office phones.. most of you already know that, but did u know IF

  1. you were to pick up ,
  2. press the disconnecter ,
  3. release the disconnecter
  4. and then hang-up

Did you know that you have just paged yourself?? So as soon as you hang up the phone will ring immediately !! LoL- mine however takes around 3 secs before it rings.

There is this one such guy at my office, he make calls and always cuts of the calls by simply pressing the disconnecter and only then hanging up.

Usually he will walk away and then run back to the phone to stop the phones ringing. This was going on for like a FEW MONTHs back when i started to work there maybe longer LORL

Did you know – that i found out about the whole thing just by looking at this poor chap everyday.But i am just too tired of sharing my knowledge with others– besides…. like my friend always says ” Always keep a few cards in hand” Cheer fellas 🙂

1 for WoW as mine expires today 😦

Crank that MOJO babay ! ! !

I have realized that a part of me has been shutdown – Its like you have the radio which is me but you cant seem to tune to this one particular station; the reason its was shutdown 😛

But not anymore…… ahahaha

Onwards to the topic of the day.

I speak tamil you reply back in TAMIL la JOE..!!!J

You see I read a book once that thought me about body language behavior, this book also explains on how to build that “invisible” rapport your always lack in. For instance when someone of your age/post/same level of respect starts a conversation ,you react towards their every body language without thinking – which in another word is subconsciounal. So I have this person who just newly joined my company, now may I say he has a good command of English BUT he just doest seem to read between the lines 😛 !!! Why? You ask me. Every time we start talking he will answer me back in English when I initially Tamil-ed my way through – then when I speak to him in ENGLISH he would reply me back in Tamil. So I said to myself maybe he’s trying to sync to me?? the following days I always waited for him to start a conversation – so that I could flow along- but nooooo this guy is an official rojak dude ! its just very hard to continue a straight conversation with this guys without ending it blank- ie. Nowhere!

Despite the generation gap myth – whereby it is said that *old port doesn’t mix with fresh orange*(my way of saying old don’t go well with young) I still tried to mingle along with him – too bad – he don’t fit no jigsaw 😦 . Dont get me wrong – i prefer to mix with older more mature thinking people.

1 for synchronization 🙂