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I know – and im trying

Every time someone thinks or even talk/say about me- its always negative- i represent negativity. I so don’t want to be that – but the harder i try not to be that way – the deeper i plunge in to the pool or negativity 😦

If someone is reading i suppose you can sense the “sad” / lame part of me- No matter how nice and happy i try to portray myself…. i end up having a bitter end to most of my blog entries, and real life in this case. I was always happy with temporary ecstasy which i had from -friends, family- lovers.

i once heard of an artist who had paintings that looks and felt depressing no matter how hard he tried to make them look happy


eerf had in fact lived to its purpose –
there is no true word for the opposite of free-

that’s how i ended up with eerf– what an irony

this is it the end of my blog πŸ™‚

thanx for reading

none for


Where is everyone ??

Sometimes – i realize that i try too hard 😦

Guess ill try harder..

guess ill just try else where..
idk idk …

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Alah No BBQ by the beach

My blogs been too long – am cutting em short for now πŸ™‚

Thats it la – im planning once again to party this weekend-

a. meet by long lost boy friend John up wif my bro for like truck load of family/friend/food fun – i call it the triple F ekeke

c.Meet uncle Lim wif PG friends…

i wonder which one will be confirmed- for all i know its 33% on all sides. Im like First Come First Serve πŸ™‚ Currently its A πŸ™‚

“Sasi there is no Beaches in KL !! “

-Vicky ‘2007 –

1 for readers πŸ™‚

Better off Doin it Alone

Back in Penang , everything was plain simple. You wake up- you get some MOM`s special Milo. You get ready for work – WORK- come home – play – hang out- eat- have fun (note- the list is actually endless) But right now i live in Old Klang Road – Where i wake up like really early – Get myself to work – which is actually a tough thing- its like a 1 hour journey- WORK- 1 hour journey back and….drum rolls……….. do NOTHING then just look at the ceiling. So i said ” This should not prolong. So i opted to bring Ziggy to the Big Apple with me (My PC) .
Then things got a better had – i had some things to look forward to whenever i go back home to. Not to mention i have some very nice people who occasionally take me out for a dinner- I mean its the best i say – what else can you ask for then for a dinner at a different spot. I am truly thankful to my brother – if it wasn’t for his friends i would be lost here.

So being better off alone you say sasi………
Ive noticed that ever since i got here , i need to do everything all by myself. Those whose answering back to this phrase- hold your horses .
You see when you are here – you NEED to do everything ALL by yourself- and i can bet you that most of you out there don’t know jack s#!+ of what i am going through.
OK- here it is.

  • You wake up
  • -bath-
  • make or buy something to eat by yourself-
  • iron your cloth –
  • and get to work all by yourself-
  • come back from work
  • do the laundry –
  • buy food -YOUR self- and sleep –

Oh not to mention clean up your place once in a while. You will not have anyone to remind you of anything which may be important- you will not have anyone to update you of anything- Its like your in JAPAN ffs.
Building what you once had….
Your 25 years old – so when you move else where you NEED to build back relationship from square 1 – thats like a 25 years long project. You wont have good friends- you would have normal friends -since your childhood friends are all back in your hometown. If you were to compare yourself on your progress back in you hometown – you would have done better- in which you wont even know what i am going through because in order for you to understand my situation – you have to endeavor it yourself.

i never meant to rant today… 😦 but there are just sometimes where you need to let people know. This was actually an ongoing thing in my life – i just didn’t want to share it- thats all- besides most of them don’t really care. They`ll be like – stop sulking and get over it or something like that.. ahahaha

So this is how i felt before the clock hit 2007 this year- i am over it right now. not
“over it” not in a sense of immune to it but more like – “Sasi ! this is you, and this is the path you have to go”

GG guys πŸ™‚

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p.s GG is an acronym for good game. It can mean – “Ok we are hosed” right up to “good job guys” its a very popular gaming term πŸ™‚

Iam Ga-nan-Z from New Zealand

I was back in Penang last week – l
my plan when i was in Kl was to catch a bus at noon and drop by 6pm at jeti and bribe my friend with a Whooper Burger from Burger King. So with quik liquid speed i dashed to the burger king bought the stuff and lapped to the bus station only to be greeted to “Sorry bang – dwebleh punye baaeh doh lepaieh dah” so i said topo- bagi aku satu punye-so i got in the bus and was on my meery way- then SUDDENLY bas stopped completely – stopped at Tapah and that was it – it stopped fer good- “aleh dik Btheri Kong deh”
so i deviced a plan to hitch hike a from another bus – which only happens to stop at sg.petani which is 2 hours away from penang- so i was told- i said OK- then i started calling people frantically to get my self from sg.petani- but to my luck -my dad happen to hire a van to get my mom n sis to penang- i saw the oppurtinity and took the chance – i told the bus driver to stop me at Bt.Kawan – and walked my way to home only to be delayed for another 2 hours before i was sent to Penang- DRop PG and that was it la – I WHISPERED TO MY SELF GG LA SASI -eehh tercaps lock pula.

man i had to say i patched up every THING – everything that includes you preevena. Im being viewed in a diffrent perspective right now. Being a so called “party leader” – we managed to over come some diffcult times in game.
But im just 65 right now – i know i could do better – so i hafta work deligently to lvl – have target to reach 70 by sunday and raid non stop on Mana tombs and also tempest keep – have some dark agendas right there( note if i have mention it here – it is not so dark anymore)
Had a modest BBQ at moggs- had some Tanni as well- we were all happy and thats what boost is capable of -nothing else and it shud remain that way.

This required to penang
3 seluak dalam
2 seluak pendek
1 jeans stail levi potong lurus
3 baju t-shirt
1 book
1 Jack Daniels 1ltr

things attained at penang
full stomach
happy face
stronger bond wif my geng
and as always- felt like a royality
it`s priceless –

Thanx guys

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