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Hi my name is..

Hi . My name is Sasi. Im a WoW addict.


QQ war

QQ guys looks like my class is all abt QQ-ing atm– please feel free to troll around this forum- atleast read the topic and you`ll know wht i mean.. 😦

Click HERE

none for us warriorsss…. ????

I like it when youj take the pain

Before you read this click play and listen to this song

We`ll carry on.. heard it from a song. Not that im in pain or vain but its just that- it was a song la. I come to realize i was really keen in music – since i was in high school. You see sometimes when i listen to a song i get really in to it.. yes u can call me a sound addict – dang sony got that tag – i like how it sounds.

Anyways…. Just im feeling like im going through a mid-life crisis- maybe a we get it at this age oor something. Ive spent all my childhood life working as most of you would not know. So ive had a lot of things that i dis not get to do. I used to sneak a peek at arcades when i was 18ish while i was on my way back home from my parents shop. So i developed a need to play games… arcade- computer games.. so when i got a freedom to play them which was around 19 i took a huge bite of the apple– i would just play any game that i like- truth be heard- i felt that i was old for it- BUT i came to realize they were a lot of people like me around.

There are also other repercussions of this my so called mid-life crisis – i have a list in my head – im so tempted to do em. but the recoils / consequences – ahh i myself dont know how it`ll be πŸ™‚

“IF your really good in something – people will look up to you- “

i wanna be good in a lot of things to come…

i for music that runs within me…..

Delighted la me … :)

Im so happy to be able to write today – oh yes before you guys carry on reading – id like to advice that the is being phished !

wht is phished- hmmm like a you think your in — but you realize that the website on top of the address bar is something else.. so you`ll think its your normal website and continue keying in your user name and password to no avail- and you feel that there`s something wrong with you computer or maybe you`ve type the password wrongly- and you`ll continue to retype your entire ID n password again – the info instead will be sent to the hacker and he`ll have your info now- NOT GOOD lol

Went out with my bro who just came back from Thailand for 2 days – wht a nice guy. We lepaked la – pizzaz , cakes and to tp that all off with *bucks coffee and durian later that night- simply nice la- just like in penang with the buddies πŸ™‚

Look even my fonts are all crazy 😦 the are so huge even when i have em scaled down – (ive been reacently hot by virus trojans n adwares numerous times.

Nvm that la — Im so exiceted todday because ive got my TBC (the burning crusade) cd key -= not the CD(hafta wait -on the way in mail) and i am now ready to go over the WoW experience again – making friends – new contents and meeting NINJAs ahahah. But all round im just very happy because i just in full motion in life – starting to see my root friends – ie long time buddies (you`ve known em for some years ) Mogg tree keith john just to name a few la.

Apart from that ive realized that im blogging more longer and often nowadays…have more nande to write ahaha.

“an investment of time and love does go a long way “

you know what fellas – ive got some of the best buddies……

wait up fer me in WoW -will ya fellas πŸ™‚

1 for my lil sister – now tell me what will i do without you πŸ™‚

oh ya -answers to previous blog

1. Ming

2. Pokok

3. My bro Karu

4. John Tan Enn Tau – my secret lover

5 . Mogg le

CHEERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Being Honest :)

First Of all i wanna give out a BIG thanx to Tree n Moggs n rest for the great “lepak” i had while i was back in Penang – like as allways- the feeling was just nice- The food at the choo char and the Dota and a great finnisher at Ali Citi which came to a nice end.

and Now to to spill my ponderings…..

Ok as far i know , im a sucker for friends like some people out there – true family is important- but friends are way beyond explanition- so i have a quiz of whose who – and you guys try to guess – Ill try my level best to make it really hard.

1. No matter what this person wants – he`ll get it done. He has his own ways on being diffrent – no not the lame as way of being diffrent till it “merugikan” him self. Mr.Self explanatory earned most things himself- maybe he is his self being – No 1 thought him what to do when .. who is he ?
No its not morgan.

2. I feel hes a great friend – he just doesnt show it. He understand everyone – just pretends he doesn`t – pulled me out of a lot of troubles= its somehow rather indirect id say. VEry very Funny – and unpredictable at times (he wants to actually; or maybe im tooo stupid to realize ). who is he ?

albero is the answer in some language.

3 . I have tried my best to not do the wrong thing. i wanna adapt their attitude – am allways fasinated on how they can behave in such a manner – beautiful mind ill say. Is very caring and humble (not egoistic). Makes stupid mistakes and is a bad driver.

il mio fratello di anima. go figure πŸ™‚

4. Im his so called blackslut from tg.bungah !!!! Hansome- charming smile- and my prince. FOr him im also his Black Knight with NO shinning armour (nekkid)

5. i love this one .. can fill in more than 1 actually . Its a dumbass, donkok and a nub ! Can aggro out of a sudden, loves eating and is in the EEG . Eats/dislikes veggies (now idk the status).who la this 1 ?

Ya its Morgan.. i cant help it πŸ™‚

Ok la la since its BC we all gonna be busy for this coming – And to top it off no more tuesday maintanence- i personally disagree – πŸ™‚ –
Tuesday was the day we allways hanged out together – and i was home talking to my exgf and mom – so its was a day i look forward to . Its sumthing like a break even if you dont want to .

1 for il mio fratello di anima

p.s Comment wif number wif answers- ill answer em later.

Back then in High School

When i was 15 – i was a small fart-
definition :
1. One of the shortest students in my class.
2. Very hyper active – not that im not now
3. Talk-ative full of humours pranks and jokes- mean shananigan
4. Had my first crush πŸ˜›
5. Started listening to radio.
6. Had a voice that sounded like … …. mickey mouse.. thus dubbed as the black mickey mouse.

So here goes – i know this guy back then in my class– he has a really screwed up attitude- and i cant be bothered about his- but one day he started to disturb me- i thought i dont need to handle such a dumbass so i ignored him – but day after day he started to piss me off – this one day he even took a steel chair and went at me……ok now that was a liltel of the limit(dint hit me just threaten)

So the next day i had some plans for him πŸ™‚

just as i was about to get my party it – i received a news from the school mafia- “its beeen taken care off ” — and that was it -problem solved.

The reason im telling you this story is because he was an annoying guy – every1 hated him. He just couldnt care less about his future…. The following year something happened- he smoked pod and went out on a scrammbler without a helmet- he banged a jeep which was trying to reverse out and fliped over the other side landing totally upside down head first – his head hit the side of a pavement – and that was it…………… 😦

He went on a coma for a few weeks i think and when he woke up – he was a diffrent person- some how like a down syndrom would – even his eye pupils turned the other side making him a cock eye(no offence man) and all then changed – his entire life in short- his entire life … and the rest is history till today –

i went to meet him a few months later after the incident – realiszed not much friends came to visit him which was quite obvious and sad at the same time – all he ever told me was -“I am sorry “. that day forth He made me realize a lot of things– I was 16 then….
Dont smoke pod guys .. and even if you do – STAY home . peace

none for ganja LOL

YAY im goin on a Business Trip –

OMG lawl – The boss said “k Sasi – we shall see how this trips outcome is “
So am like – where are we going ? – We are here in the big city – where else ?
” Penang” he said – and I’m like -OK la….

Im coming back to home on 16th – 18th on a business trips on meeting with large peoples in big places – to name a few— nah i dont think i can do that here- i feel the rush of the wave of my life- its intense. I really looking forward- this in turn will propel me to the next level of my work.
On the other side – Ive picked up some different sets of rules – They feel quirky but like a new pair of slippers they are like that what – we need to get used to them.

i know right now only your reading this post mogg- so at least im happy i have A reader – sorry to rant in the end – rest a sure it`ll demise in time πŸ™‚

“I know was good in some things- i mean really good – when i think back , i realized that i tried really hard without giving up”

i think im up for it right now

some new agendas la…….

thanx mogg…for being here
1 for you

A story…

Once upon a time , there was an orchard farmer in a town where dark days gleam brightly. So one day he dicided to plan a Bonzhai , he went to the water fall near by his old wooden house and searched high and low for a suitable plant. Eventually – he found something that suited him – or did it suit him ?

He bought the palnt back and nutured it till it growed as days went by – Then one day an old friend came along and said – did u know u can shape this plant which ever way you want it just by using a steel vine…? and so did the farmer – he began to imagining how he wanted his plant to look and we went on planning and preparing – days went by as the plant was bent and mold to his desired shape— but sooner he realize that even though the plant looked very pleasing – he needs to trim and cut the unwanted branches very other day – Then one day and old monk passes by his plant – he was horrified to such a sight- he went on to the farmer and said sadly- Young man … how could you try to mold such a gental plant to look like this – it is not wise of you on try to correct your mistakes through this plant– If u payed close attention there are a lot of beautiful plants out there– the plants tend to sway towards wht the need and not on what they allready have – ass the old munk pointed towards 2 huge rocks – there was a small vine growing out of them with a beautiful flower- and the monk explained “You see such vines need not be told wht to do or how to grow- they will chose their own path and grow for the better of for the worst – its all up to them -. the only thing u can do my friend.. at most is just water it and watch as it grows – to a beautiful tree or an ugly being is entirely up to them – now look at your self and tell me , my beautiful plant what bothers you – as the farmer turns to monk – he vanishes to thin air.
From that day forth the farmer broke the vase and let the plant free – he took the plant back where he got it from and with a mixed feeling – happy sad and confused on the plants future the farmer walks peacefully with a heavy heart hoping that that plant one day will grow to be a magnifiecnt tree.

Happy Birthday guys…….
1 for the monk πŸ™‚

Somethings actually PICHAK !

OK for those who did not know why our (Malaysia and mostly Asia) is so slow. On 26th December Yes the same date where over 1 million people were affected by the Indonesian earth Quake 3 years back. The earth Quake recorded 6.7 – 7.1 on the Richter scale just south coast of Taiwan, although 1 person was reported killed but there were going to be over 10 million heart broken over the Internet quality. A few major fiber cables which cater to major parts of Asia was damaged 😦 They were called FLAG(Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe) Telecom, East Asia Crossing (EAC) and Asia-Pacific Cable Network (APCN)–have since had some partial restoration. Here`s the BOMB – the so called FLAG cable is literally the BALLS of the Asia internet- imagine some one crushing it- that’s how painful it it is . The rest of Asia suffers the same fate as FLAG caters to Hong Kong , India(not so bad -they have backup),Taiwan (duuh) Korea , Singapore and We (Malaysians) my friend are affected. All we could do now is just wait as the last news i heard was that FLAG had already booked a repair vessel, and that fixing its cables could take up to three weeks. Till then ….

1 for the Ballz of the Asian Internet

Thank you Thank you Thanks you :)

Hey ya folks its was an awsome NEW Year 2007 for me had a nice break in penang – and as usual i was given the royal treatment- felt on top of the world πŸ™‚ the feeling to leave is a bit there la – BUT i can work in peace knowibg that people here are alllways the BEST πŸ™‚ thanx guys

if i were to break down wht i had in these 3 days of food-ing – i would take 3 post —

so wif much a due abt Me to work in KL — i shall finnish the post today by saying

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pokoks bings pongs —-

1 for the birthday boys… ehhee