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New Year here i COME EKEKEKE

Ok guys here`s the plan – listen carefully
first we go shopping for the makanz
then we buy some duck tape –
step 2 present a bus ticket home for shar to join her ass for this BBQ
third kidnap the tigertime chairman from tg.bungah
4th siram the pokok wif sum -sum suu -LOL
5th get moggie mabuk — (aeerm on second thought remove that) thats too easy –
As we near this NEW YEAR – ive planned to make a HUGE bbq bash at the ever famous spot of the decade – PEpper Hill la. we can hope for new things to come and as ive planned ive change for things to change in me – got to know sum people. None the less IF you gonna miss this BBQ -which is a special 1 time only per year by -GOD u`d be damned- I was wondering we get a theme for this BBQ la – sumthing difrent – ie Dress is tradional cloths or maybe TUKAU theme clothing or worst cross– ok ok lets not go there shall we —
in the end the shall be only mabuk/lau kuak / crazy / un-hungry people by 0001 01/01/07
1 for the tiger-time chairman ekekkee

If it doesnt kill you……



It`ll make you stronger πŸ™‚



Since i had a job chance evry1`s who used to work above me is beginning to not “work” wif me LOL



It happends.. now my only retreat is my WoW – they dont know it requires internet to play . If they do – im done for it πŸ™‚



MY work rocks – Meeting wif big CEO`s yo and discussing about markeeting- this is awsome shit – i talk they listen and we coresspond ahahaa



Getting fatter which in my “sasi” term is good life




this is an awsome thing – IF your not fit than ur happy n fat – da new tag πŸ™‚



1 for mogg πŸ˜›