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Itu dia-H….

Oraits oraits.. my much awaited anticipation for WOW … has beeeennnn……. prolonged even further .. 😦 looks like its gonna be next year tilll u guys see ganaZ online, maybe i might be right on time for BC.

things here in KL is as usual la .. all biasa and going easy , a few speed bumps and some speed traps – but it`s goonna be almost a full circle soon for me in KL – i journey to get a a plaxe to sleep is still in the making ill say next year.. till then ill just sleep in the living f\room. Its not like i have not slept like tat before – so im goin quite smooth about it . This january is gonna be a turnin point in my life – in fact today just might be one of those days where everthing will change — career wise – life wise – wow – wise πŸ™‚

see how things are going

Then i was a scout .. NOW im a GRUNT aahahahahahah guess who got promoted at work today ahahahahahhaha

GOD i wonder why my blog sounds soooo boring now ??????

1 for ziggy… you mah bitch / friend


And now for the rest of the post.

i just wanted to make a some thing str8.. i just realized that i was never was the baboon king…

i`d rather be the kutu .. and foloow the kutu king ekekkekee

1 for the kutu king … he`s on his way here really soon πŸ™‚

Things change

I was back in Penang for a few days. It was great , maleh i had my offcial tour guild Mr. Pokok (/thanx) and i had a few people that i said “hi” to. Wasn`t a big hu-ha like i expected la.. which brings me to the topic of the post for today. πŸ™‚


E = everyone is

this is just the half post.. wait for futher post lol