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How this 1 :) ekeke

praveena u like it ?


My comments… once

there was this once i was goin on a spree commenting people out there with.. sincere /honesty..

i felt great kniowing that they have apprciated them all here` just 1 of em ..

” You see, ive learn the hard way of not being able to even make mistakesd in my life…as i`d say ur tryin to confess your self that u`d be able to make more mistakes..why not take it backwards.. like being able to see and react effectifly before making a move :)Your 22…. im 24 i was said im a useless f*arker just because im simply clumsy :(but then again it struck me :maybe i should decide to make more observation and less mistakes :)i have lot`s more to say about ur post today but as i allways like to stress… We are just humans at the end of the day ” but dont take it for granted “And i`d like to appologize for saying things that might afffect the way u think since u`ve let ur guard down πŸ™‚
😦 “

this then

1 for the ever lovin WoW.. i missin it day by day πŸ™‚

Makan and a BIT




Kinda feel really pointless due to lack of WoW in my life .. runin out of thing to write… omg whts this πŸ˜• if some 1 is really reading this do .. comment πŸ™‚

The things you notice

Well it`s been ages since ive blogged , ive been busy – Anyhows the topic today sums a lot of things like for instance
the people that look down on you yet pretend that you`ve a great friend (sorry to rant so early) i promise the rest of them arent πŸ˜› eheheh

then i came across a guy wif bigger feet than me (mind me i know there are a lot of people wif big feet out there- BUT no not where iam from )he`s 13 im 12 πŸ˜›

Then again i know how it all seems to fit into pieces on how people back at home clicked so well wif me – why the folks here are diffrent- actually they arent- iam , i can litterally can adapt my self here. So that a plus point that ive discovered opver the time here.

Apart from that ive also come to a bigger circle where u can meet up wif people of same interest , and for me it was FOOSBALL and food crictic-

hmmm wht else ya. ive learned to notice my self more .. the way i talk and all how am i behaving in crowds – among crowds and being the crowds-

Oh yes,another things is there`s truck loads of indianschicks here

i so lost in my own words……
wht can i say – penang HERE i come πŸ™‚

oh yes this is My brothers wedding photo , it was held at The waterfall temple back in PG πŸ˜›

1 for motion sencor that ive became hahahahah