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Have been in Kl for an exact 1 month from today …. and its great.As usual it took me some time before i could get used to the folks here . But ive made it YEs la.
Had a great (sadly) supper at Chilli’s at Midvalley Mega Mall. It was damn nice la- AWSOME- id advise of any1 whos planning to go there to try out the Mashed Potatoes which is served as a side dish and Pick on Mushroom Chicken Cheese Fajitas. The1d serve you wit a hot pan(more like Hot plate)in it you’d have a mixiture of this dishes name. tHE MOMENT its served u need to mix em up and eat it wif the fajitas- which is just like chapati / tortilla like bread . Try it πŸ™‚ you’ll love it. And for this sundays Lunch please please please my folks in penang call me and we ll meet there. ANd this is my number 0163858643 πŸ™‚

1 for ziggy…. *ishk ishk*


My salutes…(it`s not even complete)

My brothers wedding is just around the corner, so hes decided to have it(dinner) in one of the hotels here in KL wedding dinner gala . and me along wif a few of his mates are being invited to test some food in a “few” hotels… Its going to be awsomely filling hheheheheh

Been trying to make up my mind on few “issues” up in my head . in knowing if i really have done my part as a friend/ brother( in both ways ) but some time all i know is tat 11 out of 10 people dont give a damn about me . it`s a sad thing i must say but , ive rounded up to this – Ive done my level best in being a great ..why .. a best friend id say ! but – u know wht they say – “nothing” LOL to me

Ive taught a lot of people in my puny little life in not to run away from ur problems/issues ext. , it`ll haunt you no matter wherever you go πŸ™‚ wit tat i say face you problems and clear that cache before it gets worst. Then again some people just keep grudges and carry on wif their misrable egos to consume em selfs 😦 is that just what people do ? ? ?

MY salutes

Stay strong my dear praveena you`ll need it and i know your saying to yourself right now ( i know and u dont have to tell me that “DUMBASS” ! ! )Uve brought me back to where i was back then, all happy and crazy- but life as u and i know didn`t really sync πŸ™‚ All those phone calls was totally unintentional but now i know that it was the only thing u wanted to listen – dont get me wrong – i really loved the times we spent time togather. it was great


Keep up your hard work artmaker , i know tats the only thing u need to endure to be what u wanna be – its not like an advise– it`s more of a way of me complementing on ur hard work and how mush uve change me to a friend i am today. to know that some day i`d go ” man all that hard work paid of eh ? ” is not far away /bow


Pokok oh pokok wht can i say … u move people with even moving a single muscle- uve reflected me a deal of things in life tho it`s an educational period in my life to be around in penang and yet to see you work ur ass off, my salutes to you my dear buddy-hope your reading this


Mogg -da millionaire in disguise , theres these words we allways use to describe you – ” i believe moggs gonna rule.. ” .(not in wow but in everything)
But the true fact is that we actually know tat for a fact..! you reaching HWL is not a big thing for a lot if people but deep down inside i know it wont just put a smile in your face but it`s gonna sky rocket ur confidence to another level,, way higher- and wif that u will belanja me makan la πŸ™‚


We may meet each other in the near future where im a much more well/better man than i am today . you`ve done a great deal for me in my life –i must admit , for all those food and most inportantly company you gave me when all else dint ,was the best – and now your a grown man- i have so much thing to tell you – but as much as i want to – im not sure whether you`d be interested in listening to this ol friend- take care ban wah and all the best in your exams. Stay strong ..tho i know i dont have to tell you that

1 for “back then”

Haiz.. busy wif work

will post soon..

p.s ur allways wellcomed bathra”xxx”

1 for penang πŸ™‚

Things here in KL :)

Seems like life here in kl it actually nice and great πŸ™‚
Am really getting alot of thing done here then ever ! Used to miss penang But now its just another place where you can feel “comfortable”

Had so many things happen to me .. the most recent thing was .. mugged for 350 in petaling street.. for some reason .. pst for futher info LOL

Believe me i was shitless.. but none the less i got some 1 t get the problem solved and went on my way back ….*phew* thank god πŸ™‚

And as for the peeps.. lets just see who comments πŸ™‚

1 for the commenters eheh πŸ™‚

Take care guys πŸ™‚ honestly i dont even know wht to say

i was a good run ???? idk

It started to early

…my weekend that is πŸ™‚
ahaha.. i went to ss17 last night just to enjoy a great meal from this shop which is so famous that people literally waited to be seated .. well i know it sounds normal . BUT wait… this shop only owns 1 lot – and since it`s night time nearly all the rest of the shop lots are closed the open tables by the row… its`s like 8 shop lots of tables on the right side n 3 lots of the left…!!!! meaning to say .. that ONE shop lot made the entire place look like a flee MARKET !!!! i was really blown away ..after a long time in my life …(WHhhoooooaaa)

Luckly we had a place to sit la , we quickly grabed a spot and my host (MBETB)just ordered the food and said – Trust me !
its was :
hawaian roti canai
and another claypot hong kong noodle


the super delicious ribena in a jar- dont know wht the call it but this is wht its goin to be !
it`s basically ice blended ribena with nata de coco and fresh fruits like water melons n honey dew– CHUNKS of em !! YUMMYLIUOS

we makaned an saw the chicks fly by and the whole day was just AWSOMEEEE !~!!!!
sad thing i had no camera! 😦


1 for ribena in a jar

How`s my weeks been…

Well obviously my weekend is not as great as Mogg`s labut how ever i played roulette with my brother ,his friend and my future in-laws , it was fun. Basically my bro went to Singapore and bought him self a mini roulette spinner and table – any1 at a first glance would think it`s for kids.. but if pay attention its really a mini roulette complete with everything u need , even color coded chips. I had half day that saturday , then drove of to my bro`s apartment just to witness a fire just 2 floors below of my bro`s same block.. turn`s out to be we were the one who called the fire department, smokes were gushing out of the balcony and every1 was looking . A few guys went and managed to extinguish the fire before the firemens arrived LOL. and then we had our roulette… i won “some” la πŸ™‚ it was like 800% ekekekek thanx ane πŸ™‚ session officially ended at 0450 O.o

Then after that i woke up at 11am just to be welcomed by some nice breakfast.. just as i was about to be done(breakfast) it was lunch.. wht else makan lagi la .. chicken/duck / pork / ice- cream.. uuh so much more πŸ˜€ chit chated for a few hours and eventually left back to my place. Awsome laaaa

1 for ane πŸ™‚

Ok now im serious

Ok i decide to write this post like 40 mins ago but due to …eermmmm aahhh .. yes A.D.D ( Attention Deficit Disorder) i was distracted… Which bring to my topic today, now im serious .. i have ADD dangit… i mean i realize it everyday. I was on the track of educating myself on Types of cables n patch panels involved in my Networking job, then while i was searching i got distracted and went to some website about tech news and then drifted to supercharers and .. u know where im trying to go. 😦

So right now im trying to educate myself on how to handle my self on issue concerning my level of focus on life job food girl an all.
Even writting this blog is a distracting thing to do , but none the less its comforting to be able to store ur headache…here

this is the only song i can think of with word…ADD

1 for drizzling rain:)

Mission Acomplished

Well before i wase designated to ShAH Alam to a new project , i was askd to fix some minor glitches in the office which most people cold not… so i got down started… after 2 hours i managed to fix and error on a lap top o but .unfortunately it had a killer virus on it .. it was called brontok. So even i managed to clean he virus .. it had a single file in the sys.registry which was quartined , in in turn made windows allways prompt to acces the file everytime you boot ur computer , so only then i was told to reformat the laptop LOL. But none the less the boss was hapy that im capable to get a lot more things done than the rest πŸ™‚

On the other side of the story im get along pretty well wif my roomates and we had Chick Kut Teh .. man it was ok .. only the mushroom was the killer bt the rest were ok.. i mean come on born in the food paradise n thrown in to the pits of disaster cuisine state of KL wht more can u ask for ) Am begining to get along here..

Btw im bloggng on this laptop ekkeek

Smash Mouth – Rock star

1 for the mushrooms in that chic kut teh

New place.. new face..

Im been here in Kl for like a week now , dropped by penang to say my goodbyes and pack my cloths, i never had a chance to wish to tree 😦 tho he knows . None the less im at the office now getting to ready ourselfs for the next upcoming shah alam. The people here are weird i tell u , when i was visiting KL it was diffrent , but not since im tryinh to fit my self — its awful ur not a tourist anymore. so they treat u like a local, i for instance am in a mediacore group / company its being run by n indian thus the workers are all indian .all of em. Im not a windian but imagine run a life like that .. its like being a chinese in penang- every1 u meet is like.. well ok lemme explain .. in penang nearly all indians have sumthing nice to say similar interest and yes we like each other .. but here u in a diffrent ball game… now i know how it feels like to be challenged by ur own kind…weird.. but its all well– havent met any hot chicks yet ,,, but i have a lot of people to meet and it is by far the most anticipating agenda in my life right now…..

*This is me n my bro*
Jason Lo – The line is dead (great song
1 for “life`s a bitch” cuz its not πŸ™‚