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All rights…

Am allready learning so many things in life here.. in KL
Most noteable family values.. now i know why some reader out there have days called.. ok cant talk watching moovie wif sis “

I remember all those times when i ran to help out a friend… only to know that it wasnt worth my while dont get me wrong here.. i still (like friends) is just that family values run DEEP ! ! ! deeper than i thought

i wanted to say .. to “ALL” my friends like there is a truck load of em .. but come to think of it its very pathetic.. When i came about to know that im gonna miss all that is here in penang.. seems like it`s all total oppsite here.. so the numba 1 reason i took the offer to go to KL .. is to know that i dont have much …. i mean no value at all here.. like indonesian rupiah ! like a freaking pariah … oh well… time to shift .. the eclipse is coming and its time for me to ….. (to be continued)

Pieces – Sum41

1 for BLOOD— which is thicker than water… do u know wht does it mean !!!!!


And then there`s a loud PRAAATAAAAAAAB !!!!!

Well it`s gonna be like this… simple and str8 , im ordered to attend an interview which am convinced has a future.. hence even my bro`s involved-
So right now im goin to KL… and IF… and only IF i pass the interview– id start employment imeadiatly.. i have to drop wht ever i have here in PEnang 😦 and start a new in KL
Its more like charector transfer … Rm 27 (Konsortium) eheheh

GOD SPEED to me .. see ya fella in the near future

GOOD bye πŸ™‚

1 for all my close buddies take care for now……

Wonder whts next

Every1 of us have heard it over n over n over a gain…

and the lived happly ever after…

DAMn i want mine ……..

Im a platuae of feelings right now.. am not moving anywhere both work n ass..

AM still trying to get my warriror in a FUCKING guild .. am in 1 right now.. so LAYED back .. which wht im not looking for πŸ˜›

1 for me !


Today ……… haiz…. was ok la.. then the shit came along.. man there were so man y.. and eventually u realized you missed the bus……

Ive realized moles growing allover me… im like the acient now… living alone sux …you ccan go crazy .. i kid u not…
Its its those things / phase you have to go through in life to endure of wht lies ahead….
Hope this person has a good ending in life before he ends it… the happy ending that is πŸ™‚

fallout boy – Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the year

My humble self

By now most of ya have seen the un-humble self… (sorry) my humble applogies…. Well it`s just like a change of field la.. You play your life wif a certain set of rules and you come to realize that u need to revamp it (my attitude la)..

Moggs here .. all fine… when moggs away .. duno la how all.. he`s gone for 3/3 – extended to 4/3 Kl trip god knows if it`s gonna be 5/3

Have a new girl that im goin on with right now.. all i can say is she`s HAWL as neraka la…… maleh ….

HUngry at weird times nowadays… wonder why 😦

anyhow`s take care peeps..

Btw im the best man for my cuz`s wedding this 9 july or september im not sure… πŸ™‚