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Ok la i got Tanni Geng

Had truck load of fun yesterday night.. right out side choong Pharmacy.. LOL 5 peeps downed like 40+ cans πŸ™‚ Mogg got drunk and so were the rest… hope to get it done again next week end LOL.. 151.. and play the 0 5 10 game ekekeke.. πŸ™‚

On the other side KL trip is so nearby .. just need a few more days to decide on the RUn .. if can.. Hoo say larrr

1 for Bavaria LOL


Let me show you how its DONE..dumbass

A very WARMMM wellcome to MAUS ..@ MMAS you in penang wht !

Read laws of attraction under this blog (first)

Are you one of those kids that watch over a retared kid trying to get something done ..? I mean like for instance you see this kid playing Street Fighter.. and u can obviously see that he sucks in it…. well what you dint realize is that .. u have more EXP in playing that game or your just that good.. !!! Now picture this… u know wht they said about Donald Thump right.. if u were to strip all his wealth or Bill gates`s.. they`d prolly make it big again….. WHY because the know how to fish ..unlike some of us… who are just learning to fish. Some of us wish we could just shuv them aside and snatch the controler to do and ulra combo or sumthing… the fact is im working on my combo im trying to level my self…so if u think i can do better…. well u just have to wait n see….. not evey1 is like is like those arcade bulies la.. u give em a new game they strive in it while we would still try to master the KOF 2002 LOL. THen when uve` done mastering that combo of urs… you`ll pawned by the arcade bullies.. on what ever you`ve trained on .. and show u how it`s DONE.. πŸ™‚ Like morgan said “If it doesn`t kill you It`ll make your stronger πŸ™‚ “

P.s If all this dont make sence then why is there a word called stooopid …..

So ponder this a moment…. if u see a kid or some old guys trying to get something done..wht would u do…. ?? help out or just walk away !!! ?

please save the comments if it`s goin to be retarded…

Untamed Wilds

I can see right with my eyes.. wht happens when some thing goes… uncontroled..untamed…by itself… Either it turns out to be something really nice…or like most of the time, its gets really fugly. I really wished that some people out there know what they are doin…because obviously they just wont listen and worst of all being hard headed… nvm la… let u all be wht u all wanna be la.. I managed to keep my self refrained today freom giving out lame or insulting comments regarding some very fragile topic…some tards just wont get it πŸ™‚

AND when it all comes thumbling down.. I KNOW for a fact u wont come to me……ego KILLS

Will Smith – Getting jiggy with it

NONE for untamed wilds

That time of the day

You guys know.. that there`s allways “that time of the day” moment .. like player of the day and all
well i allways remember wht was my “that time of the day”
Its was emo— i was in the middle of a training and suddenly an old lady just walked behind me and approached one of my co-workers and asked fer money… old lookinf lady not to old but she was…. white haired and all… she said sumthing to a malay co0worker.. maybe she assumed he was chinese…*mumbled in chinese and realizing he doesnt understand .. she just went on to the table outside and started her mumblinng again..and then the other chinese co-worker said..”she want money to buy rice”— at that instant i wish i could spare her some… :(( but i cant.. im really sorry … i cant… i just sat there and wonder wht she would eat today ….
Not that im getting all imo and all … but just realized wht i missed while i was “there” πŸ™‚

Micheal Jackson – Man in the Mirror
1 for coffee , 12 type in one day (tasting)

Training :)

I have some training goin on tomoro.. was told that there`s gonna be some testing involved πŸ™‚
Im all alone again at home.. but no worries i have work to do so .. i believe i can ride the storm ahhah. Its just that sumtimes we feel that we are dear to some ppl .. and then u figure out your not…only when it`s toolate LOL thats just makes me laugh. Am single again.. because i chose to be.. wasn`t even togather …come to think of it.
World cup is goin on …guess ill participate wif the rest .. like the score and all…besides the world world is watvhing…

Im predicting…….Trinidad is the underdawg… kkekek (wonder if they are even in the world cup .. heard there`a match Sweeden Vs Trinidad.. really ??? )

1 for patience and determination ekekkeke (man that sounds lame)

Work started :)

Today was my first day at work .. well the weirdest feeling is that.. i dont feel all new to thing scene lol.. i can adapt and i can work my ass off ..hard labour u say… i can bet my B%ls ive done more than u P:) So please spare the ” can u take it question”- and for thos who know– ive told u guys — so be warned to let me flame at u guys again..”dont use that phase against me “

But the blind part is im dead broke.. had no money even to eat for my break time.. things a sure to get worst if my moms goes back toher haus 😦

1 for euthopia.. i know how it feels to be hungry…..very hungry

Ever wondered

I saw some koreans weeping when they reqlised that their team lost in the world cup(2002).. was just wondering how would malaysia look like if we made it to the world cup finals.. bet it would change the whole of us… but till the Mpeople stop singing.. there is no way “lain-lain” can do LOL “)

Pau kopi time has come πŸ™‚

1 for my “1 for” `s

Batmans Cave

I came to realize that batman was just an ordinary man like any1 of us.. just that he got thing done all by him self.. πŸ™‚ Well me on the other hand am sometimes “wished that i had company” guy-

We are gonna have a BBQ tonight πŸ™‚ the menu`ss looking great and i cant wait to get em on the table..while the other cant wait to get em in their stomachs πŸ™‚ while i was at the market i saw a couple of small kids..prolly 8 and 9 years old.. they were shouting their lungs of helping their mum sell vegetables.. found that scene really cute.. reminds me about me and my brother back in the days while we were working kids πŸ™‚ i`ll try to get some photos of the BBQ.. this shub be awsome

1 for artmaker πŸ™‚

And then i began to rant AGAIN

Yesterday was my sisters birthday , so before having a small birthday party.
me and my buddies went to 7th lane market to get some hawker food , and should i say every time we order now… we allways end up eating and avarage of 3 plates Per person πŸ˜›

And then the fun begins , i was in Pizza Hut we ordered a meal and was waiting for our food then i noticed something very very weird … :S On our order sheet there was a lot of sections … but one paticular 1 caught my eye— “RACE” and i was like whaaa…..t. Now why would they wanna have a section to fill up your race in and order sheet… well call it survay ..but im just puzzled..why the hell they wanna know ur race ????

Anyhows — the pizza came and we eating and all and mum thought , we need more. So i went to a random waiter.. happens to be indian looking and has an indian sounding name… i swear to god she can speak tamil- so i went to her and spoke to her in tamil on what i wanted to have next … she just replyed to me in english …… a rather roten 1 πŸ™‚ what can i say some people arent just really happy witf their ethnic backrounds.. 😦 sad LOL and hows i spoke to her in english and got it over with .. our food came and i was on my way for some dota πŸ™‚

Pwn a couple of games b4 finninsh it of with some awsome “economic” rice oppsite Pragin mall– Great day– and incase ur new to my blog… this is what happens in my life everyday… follow me for a week and im sure it`ll WILL BE A BLAST

1 for my sis– HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸ™‚

Well wht can i say

Ive seen so much things while i was away– ranting elsewhere… Im chairman of a sosiety– they call me KING kong — and the other day i saw a couple fighting in a car.. the husband was strangling her .. she cried out help and said in tamil ” Please help me he`s got my neck .. icant breath…then the guys say “rest a sure everything is under control— and at that moment i knew theat these folks have sumthing personal goin on.. i steped away… and she closed her car door and drove away crying ” like it`s a sign — this is my trouble u cant do anything to change it” SAD day…..
Have a baboon under me.. thats wht the call my society members.. he`s slacking badly….. am really sure i can guide him to the correct way and will achieve wht i was unable to … tho my lil bro hasnt seem to pay due to his studies.. he say “rest asure” πŸ˜› LOL.. i hate to be the one to be of unbridled (care to much)
Never realized had so much thing to say.. am worried my blogs to long for ppl to stop and take notice… im never the kind of person to considered.. yet i know well that my actions has a great reaction to a lot of ppl… yet they just chose to do the oppsite..have realized that i need to improve on my timing…


listen to Swing Swing – AMR (all american rejects)

1 for my society YAY !!

Ps the Jpeg is a random search of my name -sasi