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I want THIS

Well basically i want a digital camera.. thought of buying a good one fer a long time , but is just that im so cooked u with food till i suggested to my self to get a good quality camera phone(it`s because i finish my money eating) Oh ya and a Katana

I realized that im just like any other people out there.. only thing is i realized that i have this funky urge to just talk to bored ppl and make their life–sasi-nized πŸ™‚

If like bored or something just gimme a holla and id see wht i can do for you πŸ™‚

Am listening to this song right now.. it really sound wonderful and nice.. and yes it`s chinese song _[listen]

1 for my dead dog…. 😦 all dogs go to heaven


We can move a MOUNTAIN !!!

My god there`s so much to learn… you see i have some books that i read on .. but it`s ike taking me ages to finnsih em — am not sure if i have A.D.D or not but im coming to realize that i could have put my brains to better use sometimes, not that its to late or anything but just felf like saying that—

1 for my cancered aunty 😦

Well whatdayanoe

ive realised that the more i do thing –or get things done by myself i learn more.. πŸ˜›
I went walking alone today…. felt shitty but eventually reallised a few sum things straighten up and became more focused— and at the same time enjoyed and thought of Valerie Butters paintings just as i was posting this


By the way this is how i look like πŸ™‚