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To my Beloved Rexy :(

As i was at home on the computer , i heard a few malay kids calling out me.. outside my house.

I went out to see what was wrong….

” Abang ..anjing abang mati kena langgar van !!! “
” (Your dog got hit by a van`s dead ) “

i was motionless.. and i said to my self ” No….”

because i know they reconize my dog….

i got on my bike without and slippers and went to the scene…. there was rexy lying motionless below a tree dead ..

i never knew the day was today…

i carried her home and called my brother and told him about it …he was sad..very sad

he called my mom and dad and told every1 what happned …

but it`s was my sister who couldn`t take it… i could hear her crying through the phone.. and
so was my mom

i carried rexy to the beach where i allways take her for a walk..and kissed her forehead before burying her at the beach…

my whole family mourned her death…she was a great dog .

1 for my ever loving pet dog rexy…….. we`ll miss you

these are the 2 pictures i liked… ironically these pictures of roses kept popping up so i decided to put 1 in as well


Where the hell is the RAIN !!!!


it`s been so long since it rained, where the hell is it ???


I missed those days when it`s rained..i used to be that boy who sings- Rain rain go away , Please come another day cuz sasi wants to play .. πŸ™‚

I really hated the rain before.. but not anymore… Sorry God of Rain… no offence- High 5 !!!


1 for the things we used to hate πŸ™‚

Im gonna MAKE it BIIIIG

I just felt like saying it that i gonna make it big , not on another life but this 1 … as SASI
and all my friends and people around me is gonna aplause … and ill take a BOW

1 for Bob Marley πŸ˜›

Im so busy

SUmtimes when you chasing time , its seems to be runnning faster away from you…
It`s been 10 days sincew i last posted..and i`ve been really busy with work n relationship and WoW.
and i have a quote for the week

“For every action , a thought is the Ancestor”

Think about it guys πŸ™‚

1 for time…..(i need sum)

I`d try to explain ..hhmmm

We all know that an old man is a wise man , they can adbise you and give you words of wisdom , and the`ve done a lot of things bad in life — so the advise you on what not to do …i was taught a lot of things reacently…. then while i was at work i came up with this phrase


“it is the bad guys who turn good that are good in advising”
well ive seen that today …man i really thought that i fucked it big time but..but ..there are people out there who have screwes things up even worst….
I have a bad guy whose my mentor now πŸ™‚
he dint shave today LOL
listen to cover sung by( good shit )
Gavin Degraw – Against all odds
<—The most expensive magic card ever printed
1 for WOW …. mmuuhahhahaha

Why are people so ADdICTED to online games

Well this is why …..
it`s so great that u get to meet loads of people and so much to do…no wonder we end up with anti-sosial teenager nowaday LOL…

NOT all of u la….

and art maker …u dont know wht ur missin