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WHat ??? I cant believe my eyes

I work at Fitness club as a membership consultant , the job is pretty easy ..depends on how you look at it πŸ™‚
Now basically u call people and invite em to the club , after a full tour of the club , you sit them down and explain all the club term and the pakages available..this is when it gets tricky- you need to get em signed in order to make a sale…now normally i`d make 1 sale in every other day BUT = yesterday i had 9 SALES !!!! which was awsome YEEEEAAAHHH !!!! which is 45% of my target for the month.

Nevermind that , i had a chat with my friend and he came to realize how attached i am with my brother… aaahhh the good old day (and they still are)

I remember those days when i`d wait outside my house waiting for my brother to return from school= cuz i know that he`d have bought sumthing for me , maybe like a chickdee or sum chocolate or sumthing… and he never comes empty handed almost everyday.

He`s made me the man i`m right now and guided me through all the way right up to now..
“Anneh” im still you lil bro , thank you sooo much for everything and being patient all this time with me you the best brother anyone in this workd can get πŸ™‚

It makes me wanna be the same *sob* sob*

1 for my brother KARU who cares for me unconditionally


Plateau of everything

It feels great to know that im stuck in a plateau of happiness and happiness….gosh i had to say that twice πŸ˜›
WELL forgive me if iam exaggerat ing aahha but i, just happy and i felt like telling it toi da world and you reading this πŸ™‚

WEll if your feeling kinda like japanese ..well im all in fer it , we`r goin on a japanese food week join me will ya

with some beer
some sake
come gimme a call today 0164287292
man it`s endless
im gonna indulge till i find sumthin else πŸ™‚
1 for japan for being so bizzare

I got me self a "ok i`ll cut u some Slack" :)

Knowing that ive worked mah asre a few days back even without having to be able to attend Walk-in has greatly affected my morale in sales

However making a situation an issue is creating a problem

“It`s Problem only is you see it as one “
Louise Joubert – 2006
Thanx a lot ….i really need this πŸ™‚
1 for the CHEIF , your da man !!!!!

Happy Velentin0

I had a great valentine , went out on a date..gosh it`s been like 3 years since i last went out on a date
FElt Great !!!
Had hooked the thing`s that got unhooked and mend a few broken thoughts πŸ™‚

ALL in ALL it was a great DAY..omg i better sleep b4 i miss the next great day πŸ™‚

1 for my date

You know..? That im actually feeling Great :)

Haha.. it`s been ages since i started a statement this way “haha”
Im feeling that being alone for sometime is like batman- it actually helped me , u know when he gets trashed by the bad guys and he goes back in the batcave n P”repair”E him self πŸ™‚ .. thats wht`s happening to me and yeah !! it feels awsome

Anyhows ..the is bad news..wait wait hold ur feeling “ok” fer now …

WHt i can say is that i must learn the word “goodbye” really soon You see this picture here
The guy whos shouting is MMALRPPKKKKK in short Morgan and the other guy is ..arrmmm me
Cuz im having this great buddy part to AUS this 11th .. he`s goin and wont be back for a long time…true..we can email n MSN ..but both you and me can agree on 1 thing.. Nothing beats having a friend beside you where u can put ur hands around his shoulders and just continue from wherever you`ve stoped talking the last time.. πŸ™‚

For those who know me great well done..for those who think im uncoool and dumb….. I`d say

“Well thats….. – THAT la “
Morgan the MAUS – 2005

1 for morgan … a great buddy any1 can have πŸ™‚
Like u said`s been a great run…it`s been a great run……….

It`s hard to say goodbye….

At ease Sasi At ease…

Have you felt the feeling when sum1 raise you UP when you`ve hit rock bottom and get the same person who made you feel all u were..PUSH DOWN again….NO YOU WONT.. i know how it does………….

Everyting has been great..

I just need moral support =p knowing that i wont get any….ive realized to play it save

How?? u ask.. by learning to please myself and realize wht has been happening to me all this while πŸ™‚ cant be bothered being ignored !!!

Time to move on , forget some ppl and know some others and in overall acheive the best in my life happiness…i know i tend to ramble..i mean i am rambling now , hope it changes πŸ™‚

1 for aran….. the no 1

Do i need a computer to tell me this

You are rainy

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

<a href=”What Type of Weather Are You?

GOd im allready battred to the bone

1 for steve gilbert