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If u smell wht im cooking

Ive learned that having great friends are wonderful , but at the end of the day i come to realize that they aren`t that great …….. at all. But i once said to my self , friends are my battries….
i wish they arent !!!! /sad Because as im writting this im not even 1 bit happy , i believe that ive hit rock bottom and suceeded in wearing my mask 😦 😦 😦

I was at a friends place today .. tho every1 was happy – i was not – i know i know why bother come !!! Like i saw in a soap drama – i came to realize that the extacy that u get from friends DONT last at all it`s just like drugs 😦 😦 😦 sooner or later ur gonna suffer (im gonna try my level best NOT to depend on “drugs” from now onwards)

So as day goes by, sum1 is counting down on my behave , for me to press my button again…………

and start all over agian

thanx for being honest tho ur mean .. hey wht u aspect..lifes like that !

1 for the person who has no1 😦 😦


Happy Chinese New Year Guys

Ive met a lot of beautiful girls, but the sad things is….they are just beautiful outside , They are F**king UGLY inside… this msg goes to all those chicks that made be and are mean to normal looking guys like us ..U know who u are..SHAME ON YOU…btw i dont think u girls can ever change…

On the brighter note

Hey i`d like to wish all my friends a Prosperous CNY !!!!!!!

Day goes like normal for me , call me ya..
Met some great friends here back in WoW , a russian !!! Goofy fella i say πŸ™‚
Apart frm that, my Life is paticularly great today πŸ™‚ Maybe it’s CNY idk la

Take care ppls


1 for Ganaz..yeah

PAY ATTENTION !! !! !! !!

ive come to realize that the topic today has a reallt mind blowing life changing effect ..

Ive heard it all my life , and ive begun to realize that those who love you ,would allways love you no who or what you are. Ive came to realize that my haus is a mess without my Mother by my side πŸ™‚ and ive allready adapt myself to the changes that are taking place.Looks like at that attention was worth while..i know that id be alone 1 day and i know that no 1 would give a damn about you 1 day :/

Realized need to slow my speech so that people would actually hear me clearly , and believe me it` feels wonderful to have people notice that you`re someone πŸ™‚ well they can actually hear on wht u have to say dont they ??

1 for WoW

Time can HEal ANYthing..

Well everyone agrees that is true…but are you a believer in it!? , of course it`s a FACT !! but , to believe it you musta been hurt in the first place and healed over time
(hot =- Heal Over Time)….

It`s been a loong time since i went through this phase…now it`s happening again… THANK GOD
because someone told me that today..if it wasn`t for him i`d still be puzzled ,right now im in a piffany

1 for you edison..tho u wont we working long wif me 😦

Makan and a bit

I had a power lunch with a friend today , we had sum insides on how to get the things to go ur way. It was inspring , but fer now i guess i`ll be locked in the bat cage till the cacoon pops and i become whole again πŸ™‚

i tend to ramble often now 😦

1 for ……………….


As i walked in my house today usual i know no want is here to greet me.. 😦
But anyhows a cup of cofee made my day…. made by my mom just before she left back home(Batu Kawan)

It made me so wanted in their lives which made me all happy.. overjoyed i`d say..
and im listening to ” Fallout BOy – Sugar we`r goin down “

How on earth i came to realize this kinda songs actually affect my life!!

While i was at work today , i felt really lonely ..tho i had my “clickS”
beside , i realized that im in an entire world so clos… so near yet so far away. After(Untill*) all those effort to get connected fails , i shall press my reset button and start all new again..EXCRUSIATING

*im still trying everyday to better my self ( NOT 4 others anymore ) not anymore , not gonna happen in a long time

1 for a smashed warrior , u da man !

Dont Cha wish your ……

LOL.. love that song but..however it`s not what im trying to deliver here

I came across a blog today of puneet.. he seemed to talk about his sturggle in life and things that he has done fer a better well being, from the blog it self i knew from the very begining that he had an unbreakable bond with his family… just like mine……. -_-

“the ones very close to me… just stood by me and gave me the courage to bounce back”
-Puneet of India
January 12 2006

And thats what i wish i could get, but however the more i write about the negative things in my life the more sad i get ( Duh abviously) …. i dont know wht else to say

i just feel like performing FULL blast crowd of EMPTYNESS

“thank you , thank you , your far to kind”
– Linkin Park feat Jay-Z Numb/encore

no more encore for my happy life.. 😦

1 for no1 as i cant think of any1 for this moment..oh yes i for. abris.. my bitch

Law of attraction !!!

As i was working today on a roadshow at work , we came to a halt when we realized that no 1 knew how to fix this weird looking table, to be honest i how exactly how to fix it. , BUT i choose to stay back and see how smart are the people are around me…

it seem to take em like 2o mins to figure out on how to fix the ” god damn table” well thats wht they called πŸ˜›

Then it struck me how many times have ppl done it to me….. like = they know the right thing to do BUT they still seem to keep quite and see u strugle πŸ˜› whtever they ment i know it`s for my own account πŸ™‚ thanx guys πŸ™‚

Linkin Park – Somewhere i belong

1 for my lil bro πŸ™‚


I never knew that my life would be this boring..regardless of WoW im still bored to death. My parents are away in their new house which leaves me alone wif a an invisible brother whom i dislike πŸ˜›
And to top it all of my house is allways in a mess.

BUT now…. things have changed however πŸ™‚

To eradicate this lonelyness .. i`ve begun to make more house chores like do laundry and try to make new friends online πŸ™‚
so far it not bad..hey look at the bright side “it`s not bad” rather that BAD…

Listen to Dance , dance dance – Fallout Boy

1 for my me cuz i did my laundry ehhee πŸ™‚ ( not that i dont)

To be wht u were

To realize that ppl do not realize that u exist is just shitty. And to know that u`ve come all the way……….. sad i also means liau lian in hokkien , woncer why they have such a word. and also to know that there are so many types of diffent expression of sadness in “tamil” is even depressing ,
Now i`ll just say is that im defenately gonna suprise a lot of people πŸ™‚ for i am forced to wear my mask again 😦

1 for me for i am the only 1 who pleases me ‘-‘