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Ziggys KCAB… !!!

For those who din know… ziggy kena admit in Netpital… yes yes he kena CIRIT BIRIT.. nearly die he… i on the other hand praying la… hope he`s fine.. after a long 10 hours sugery he`s fine YES YES ziggy ur OK !!!

Thanx a lot for all those ppl involved in fixing him back

BBQS BBQS and more BBQS..
while i was busy cooking .. Dr. Pokok was in O.P..
we had bbq and it went out just great..
we had ayam, anjing panas, BABIโ„ข halal ala got soo much things la

ANd now we gonna have another bbq tonight kahkahkahakhakah

talk about having n excuse to eat sheeesh !!!!

MAy u all have fun in this coming new year and FIX up a great mind set for ur new years resolution . CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRSSSSSSSS

p.s check out ganaz

1 for Dr. Pokok for yet another sucessful operation ๐Ÿ™‚


Pin Balled

It seem today was a pin ball day ..
i felt easyly pushed around by a lot of ppl. Sometimes when we tend to be easy on others — THEY !, they just dont care about how you feel , but at the end of the day i realized that ive learned a lesson… a lesson well taught by the “maasu” .Friends- they come n go – but YOU – you have to keep on goin ๐Ÿ™‚
But all in all ive been in great shape now(emotionally) and im really looking forward to the HOLIDAY season that we`r gonna enjoy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

THANX MY DEAR FRIENDS you people`ve been a great inspiration

1 for my mother the being that loves me unconditionally.. y.y

Been busy

Ever since i had Ziggy with me. Ive been really busy, im telling you it`s feels better to know that u have something to look up to at home (yup i know it sound pathetic)
it`s been really long since i had my own comp , and now everything has changed ๐Ÿ™‚

Seem like i had an incredible day today….. i dint realize that i slept for 12 hours when i woke up i say the time was 1330 … i thought the clock died at 0130 sooooo i check my computer and ziggy said it`s 1330… i dint believe him so i tryed looking at my phone.. it was 1330 also. so it really was that long. I dont remember when was the last time i slept that loong

hey guys check this out .. he`s only 16

Guys…meet ZIGGY ! ! !

It`s been hella`va long time since i blogged. Its good to know that ur onnline and hooked with your friend in more then 1 way. I just got ADSL ” yea yea checkit tout YO”
wif a brand new computer…. called ziggy (i named him that )
i dont know wht the future holds and i certain du wanna look back at my past. BUt wht i wanna do is carry on with wht im doing and do the best!!!

17th disember….. omg

1 for the pokok for making all of this happen thanx and KUDOS to u ma man