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Work getting on me

Then i was getting back wif my leisure.. BUT now the WORk.. yes work it`s getting back to me..

looks like i need to set some things a side like cooking and start preparing the main dish ..which is my rice bowl.. man ekkekekeke

it seem like im on the boat again..

1 for my lil bro….. my saviour


Omg i accidently deleted my post

Now ..recently i posted some great stuff in my blogg… BUT i deleted i dont know.. sum kinda history prob wif the delteing .. it`s kinda publishing twice and deleting both of em .. at a diffrent day…
that`s called chew cheng in where i come frm..

1 for my chew cheng-ness ๐Ÿ˜› thats crapdallic

Getting back wif leisure

You know that getting back wif the things u have have left behind is like a weird oddesey..
it`s either u like or just LOVE it !!!!!
YAY u know how i feel about it..
ive been bumbin for the past 5 days wif my best buds and the feeling is emensly exiting…
and you`d reallize that this is wht u allways wanted and you be damed if u loose it….
there are just so many thing to say .. but for now ths`ll do…

listen to wonderboy by tenacious D this song rawks..

1 for my secret target………. ๐Ÿ™‚